Holiday Hygge

Holiday Hygge ~ My post was inspired by Kristine’s musings on coffee and hygge. Hygge is a Danish word for coziness or simple comforts that bring feelings of wellness and contentment. It means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying life with good people. Hygge reminds us of the importance of simple comforts in our lives,…

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Mountain Melodies

Mountain Melodies ~ lush valley vistas earth and sky harmonizing mountain melodies ~ #NaPoWriMo day 27 ~ I took this photo at Devil’s Den State Park, named for its cave system. This photo is from the top of Yellow Rock, one of the many limestone formations that surround the lush valley divided by Lee Creek.…

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Rainbows and Rivers

Rainbows and Rivers ~ rainbows and rivers run free just like you and me chasing those pots of gold we don’t allow grace to unfold the more we grab and fight our way the less we enjoy our days blessings like rivers are best when flowing free allowing and appreciation are the start to magic…

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Intentions 2017

Intentions 2017 I like intentions better than goals. They offer a direction without being fixed on a set goal that often provides momentary happiness if at all. I agree with the perspective that our process is more important than the goal or results. And even more important than the actions, intentions, goals or process is…

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Desert Storms

Desert Storms © Mike Olbinski Photography wall of dust looming fierce winds scouring the landscape desert Haboob nears ~ storm chasers delight critters and humans in flight nature cleaning house ~ I love the photography of Mike Oblinski, whom I’ve featured previously in Awesome Stories on Storm Chasing.Through his photos, I learned about a desert…

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Savoring our Lives

Are you savoring life? There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth. ~ Rumi Savoring our lives is a great way to build our sense of happiness and well-being. Both brain scientists and spiritual teachers talk about the need to anchor our positive states. Savoring life enriches our feeling of well-being, bringing us…

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Happy or Resilient?

Would you rather be resilient or happy? I have a friend who is researching resiliency as part of her Ph. D program. In a world with more changes and challenges, it seems important to develop resiliency for both individuals and communities. My garden and nature remind me to be more resilient. According to psychologist Peter…

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Native Winds

Native Winds   the six directions east, south, west, north, sky and earth blowing through my heart ~ Image from Robin G on Pinterest. Native American teachings resonate deeply with me, especially their reverence for life. May we listen with our hearts and celebrate all life.  

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Healing Touch

Are you getting your daily touch needs?  Paul Zak, aka Dr. Love, recommends at least eight hugs a day to be happier and enjoy better relationships. I know from first-hand experience how powerful touch can be. I grew up in a family that didn’t touch much or demonstrate love physically. Thankfully, in my 30’s I…