Hasta La Vista Baby

Hasta La Vista Baby I’m going to visit my family back east. It’s been a year since I last saw them. My annual trek is a time to go down memory lane, visit family and McLean, VA, the area I grew up. It’s amazing how much changes each year with more growth and development. What…

Rainbows and Butterflies

Rainbows and Butterflies ~ a mature love no longer expecting rainbows and butterflies the gift of time to teach and refine the soul a child’s innocence becomes a teen’s rebellion young adult dreams fade to daily chores rainbows and optimism dissipate each passing year yet underneath the disappointments is something new a quiet grace, formed…

Lover’s Lips

Lover’s Lips ~ her lips open wide soft tendrils teasing alluring charms on display inviting his fervent love sowing seeds of passion  primal urges satiated for new life to emerge the dance of creation ~

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Is Might Right?

Is Might Right? ~ vile and vitriol are flowing poisoning the masses scoundrels with orange hair warmongers wearing suits the lines between parties are fuzzy clouding who is good and who is evil ~ Meanwhile, the real issues are buried beneath endless bickering, distraction, politics, and shenanigans. War has long been the priority in America…

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Shivers of Ecstasy

Shivers of Ecstasy ~ perched at the edge of the bay time seems to stop as heaven and earth merge my imagination takes flight soaring on soft puffy clouds allowing our souls to break free no longer bound by earthly toils free to float, fly, or simply be your spirit touches mine alive with shivers…

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Soul Spaces 109

This week Soulful Sunday becomes Soul Spaces. Love in its essence is spiritual fire.~ Seneca I’ve decided to change the name of this series to Soul Spaces to better reflect the idea of feeding our souls. There are almost infinite ways to feed our souls. We each must learn what activities, people, and places nurture our…

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Tropical Delights

Tropical Delights ~ delicate island breezes carry your scent inland tropical delights ignite my desires a siren call of passion, play, and forbidden fruits body swaying in rhythm to your island beat my heart on fire with longing obsession fills me with tropical dreams longing to claim your treasures I surrender to your charms ~…

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Be My Valentine

  Be My Valentine ~ exquisite feelings explode rushing through my being delightful smells linger the musky scent of desire pleasure traversing my body alluring attractions arise with bonds of love and lust life without you unfathomable our hearts entwined epic love or addiction pass the chocolate ~ Happy Valentine’s My Sweet!  🙂

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Layers of Love

Layers of Love ~ lust eros attraction layers of love budding connection rainbows, sunsets, flowers a few of my favorites love building silent connections friendship, siblings, marriage, partners the sacred dance of love joins hearts and minds ~ To honor February and Valentine’s Day, I wrote my first etheree poem. May your life be a…