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Flower Power

Flower Power ~ pistils of desire waving petals of passion  beauty lights my fire ~ I’m off to visit my mother and brother in Virginia with limited access to the internet, so I’ll be away from the blog for a couple of weeks. I’m excited to see family, and then start another new job when…

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Eye of The Tiger

Eye of The Tiger ~ beware the tiger the eye of beauty beckons lost in your allure ~ Yes, These beauties are called Eye of The Tiger Dutch Irises which are known for their brilliant colors and markings. No matter what we call them, I love the colors and markings on the inner blossom. Beware…

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Urban Delights

Urban Delights ~ Urban scenery springtime in the neighborhood brings hidden allure ~           ~ The truth is that I’d rather be out in a beautiful pristine mountain forest, filled with trees, flowers, and running water. But, I’ve also learned to appreciate the urban scenery, especially the various styles of homes and…

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Spring Fling 3

Spring Fling 3 ~ your beauty a siren song I fling myself at your tender buds lost in alluring aromas heady scents cling to my body my senses burst open filled with the scent of lust I surrender to your charms ~ Spring continues to astound and delight me with her festive displays. New life is…

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¡Viva El Baile!

¡Viva El Baile! ~ feel the passion embrace the thrill become the rhythm and move your feet entangle your partner flow with the music awaken your spirit long live the dance ~ Viva la España.    This post is my fun tribute and response to Brooke’s tribute to Sevilla, Spain. Reading Brooke’s post brought back fun associations…

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Pastel Goddess

Pastel Goddess ~ my eyes fill with desire touched by lips of fire wobbly knees turn to jelly as fear grips my belly I bow before your grace and beg to kiss your face ~ Cheryl Kellar is a modern goddess of art and creativity. Besides these gorgeous watercolor paintings, she brings a flair to everything…

tulips, spring, poetry

A Parade of Colors

A Parade of Colors ~ dancing along the square flowers to delight the senses and mend broken fences spring is such a grand affair love filled with magic and flair we hold the joy in our hearts to brighten those darker parts thankful for a parade of colors ~


Slam This: NaPoMo

Slam This: NaPoMo ~ the muse awakens time to get busy heart’s a little dizzy wild and free let the poetry be words come alive full of jazz and jive ideas as swords fire in those words could be disaster but listen to the master time to slam some poetry ~ Not bad for a 1-minute…

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Clear Waters

Clear Waters ~ crystal blue waters meander down the valley running clear and clean ~ This is another section of the Buffalo River where I went hiking recently and posted the poem about Steel Creek. We are very fortunate to have such a clean river running through much of our state. The Buffalo River was designated as…

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Lucky Lluvia

Lucky Lluvia ~ Drake and Sol are mates so royal parents both affectionate and loyal flying on wings of love they travel the skies above I’ve heard rumors of a coup escaping with a Canadian troop they joined a merry gaggle full of laughter and babble ~ This is the latest in Belén’s collection of…