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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland ~   ~ the weather outside is frightful my lovers lips are so delightful our kisses ignite a torrid fever waking the mystic dream weaver ~ ~ Yesterday, I woke up to a winter storm warning in addition to the coldest temps in nearly a century! The temperatures are in Fahrenheit. And today…

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Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders ~ a crisp winter breeze golden grass glowing brightly anchors my heart strings ~ I haven’t been getting outside much lately, at least not to parks or long nature walks where I usually find beauty to photograph and feed my soul. To keep that part of me alive, I’m posting a collection of…

More Macro Moments

More Macro Moments ~ moments to reflect beautiful mini landscapes my secret garden ~ Inspired by a local photographer, Kristin Jones, I’ve been doing more macro photography lately. You can explore her wonderful photography at Fine Art America. I’m grateful for my cellphone that can take decent shots, and occasionally I’m frustrated by shots that…

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Powerful Prose

Powerful Prose ~  poets rise up ponder, prepare, proclaim harness the power of words pen poignant prose catalysts creating change creative caring community energy infused words  passion, power, purpose a noble mission will you join ~ Amanda Gorman has inspired the nation with her poetry reading at President Biden’s inauguration. I have mixed feelings about…

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Macro Moments

Macro Moments ~ velvety textures plant life brimming with color my silken treasures ~ I’ve been busy with a new job and not very inspired to write, so here is a short poem and update to say hello, Happy New Year, and thanks for being part of my online family. I appreciate each of you.…

christmas miracle

Christmas Miracle

Christmas Miracle ~ a rare winter snow sparks childhood glee and magic shared heart to heart ~ ~ We haven’t had any snow in about 5 years, except for a couple of dustings that lasted mere hours. Even this miracle event was only about 2″ of snow, but it brought so much joy to those…

tanka, haiku

Melancholy Moments

Melancholy Moments ~ hazy mist conceals dark melancholy moments hidden dangers lurk ~ cloudy perspectives landscapes shrouded in gray fog time to look within ~ This is my contribution to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday with the image and Sue Vincent’s haiku as prompt.  #TankaTuesday, #MelancholyMusings

autumn, change

A Season of Change

A Season of Change ~ earthy smells delightful colors a time for letting go slowing and savoring decay lingers in the air the leaves are falling nature is storing her energy Joe Biden is President-Elect hope is in the air ~

reflections, autumn

Autumnal Reflections

Autumnal Reflections ~ trees glow with color a season of transition hope and love abound ~ ~ We are on the verge of great change in our country right now. Besides the obvious change in the US elections, many of my friends are undergoing transitions large and small. I’m following the trend, having found a…