Photography: my first passion!

Images of light dancing through my mind.


43 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Love the new look, Brad. It’s a good idea for everyone to freshen up their site. A very real move to keep ourselves from staying stagnant. Your site is lovely and sings inspiration. And that’s nice to know of your love for music. I’ve been planning on a MY MUSIC page for months now. I decided it’s time. =)


  2. Thanks Diana. I like the new layout better and enjoy variety to keep things fresh and interesting. I’m delighted to hear that you think my site sings inspiration! I’ll look forward to your music page. Nice idea! Thanks for your support and feedback. Brad


  3. Love your pictures especially the gratitude and Seattle sunset. One of the things I’d love to learn is to take great pictures. Lisa


  4. Thanks Lisa, I’m very grateful for my travels that sparked my interest in photography. I’ve actually been feeling the pull to buy a good camera and get back into more photography. Even cell phones now can take pretty good pics for casual use and enjoyment. To following passions.


    • Thanks Teri and welcome to my blog. Photography was my first passion with the joy of looking for beauty in the world around us. I enjoyed a quick tour of your blog and poetry too. May we find beauty in all. blessings, Brad


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  6. Great pix Brad….Such a fun thing to engage in. Not only do you get to be creative with something but you get to capture the moment as well. Nice. Enjoy and keep on down the path you are on. Good things await at the end 🙂 Blessings…VK

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  7. Your photos are absolutely stunning, Brad! Fun and a great idea to have a gallery as part of your blog. I am getting lost in reading some of your fun, thought-provoking and inspirational posts. I am glad our paths crossed and I look forward to reading more.🙂 Erica

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