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Awesome Stories 363

This week Awesome Stories brings you revolutionary love, interbeing, and warriors of the spirit. Revolutionary Love Valarie Kaur delivers a passionate plea for love in her recent TEDWomen Talk. I found her talk incredibly vulnerable and moving. Having experienced racial hate firsthand, Valarie faced many inner battles to emerge as a champion for love as…

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Lucky Lluvia

Lucky Lluvia ~ Drake and Sol are mates so royal parents both affectionate and loyal flying on wings of love they travel the skies above I’ve heard rumors of a coup escaping with a Canadian troop they joined a merry gaggle full of laughter and babble ~ This is the latest in Belén’s collection of…

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Sweet Surprises

Sweet Surprises ~ nature’s beauty glows delicate purple flowers reaching to my heart ~ I love flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors. And finding beautiful flowers like these purple ones popping up among the dead leaves during spring’s awakening is a particularly nice surprise. These delicate purple flowers were blooming last week on my hike…

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Awesome Stories 362

This week Awesome Stories brings you forward fashion, vagus nerve, and play. Forward Fashion I must admit I’m not big on shopping or feeding our collective consumption, but this line of clothing strives to make a difference in a meaningful way. Founder Shannon Keith was touched by the harsh lives of women, especially those in the…

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Steel Creek

Steel Creek ~ the grace of water shaping limestone bluffs in time steel creek river show ~ The Steel Creek bluffs on the Buffalo River are some of my favorite rock formations. Their majesty tugs at my heart and calls me back to visit time after time, just like how they were formed, one patient…

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Awesome Stories 361

This week Awesome Stories brings you DIY homes, hopelessness, and courage. DIY Homes I’ve always loved the flowing lines of dome homes and these DIY ones from DomeGaia look beautiful. They also seem like a lot of work. If you’re willing to invest a lot of labor, they estimate you can build a dome home…

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Change Is In The Air

Change Is In The Air! In reality, change is always in the air, but for the first time a long time I have some good news, or at least what I hope is good news. 🙂 I’m always mindful of the Buddhist parable about not knowing the truth of things until much later as the…

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Awesome Stories 360

This week Awesome Stories brings you resiliency, fantastical fun, and the mushroom kid. Thriving with Resiliency Resiliency is a hot topic in both the personal growth and environmental circles. Our ability to adapt is becoming more important than ever in the rapidly changing and often chaotic world. Dr. Andrea Dinardo is a teacher, author, and…

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Darling Daffodils

Darling Daffodils ~ spring perennial a charming hermaphrodite with hidden powers ~ symbol of springtime beauty, medicine, poison darling daffodils ~