The Taste of Love

The Taste of Love ~ gazing at the twilight sky immersed in a sea of beauty every pore is filled with the taste of love vibrating in harmony at one with life free at last ~

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Addicted to the Internet

Addicted to the Internet Screentime is a large part of my life. Yes, internet addiction is a real thing that affects about a third of the population. The definition of addiction revolves around both the inability to stop using the internet (often for games, videos or social media) and its interference with your daily life;…

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Winds of Change

Winds of Change ~ mighty storms brewing change is blowing through the land need flexible ways  ~ Neither the storm nor the changes are as dramatic as the photo appears, but change is clearly coming. I’m looking for a new place to live, work that better suits me, and pondering my passions and purpose. That’s…

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Awesome Stories 375

This week Awesome Stories brings you love, soul food, and digital holidays. Love and gratitude This episode will be the last Awesome Stories for now. My interest in these stories has been waning for a while. I need to find what inspires me. It may not even be writing. Lately, I seem to have to…

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Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes ~ ladies in the field shades of blue and yellow shine nature’s medicine ~ My friend Gayle’s wonderful photo inspired me to write a poem. And Blue Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium) added her cuteness to the mix. She is a perennial wildflower with grass-like foliage and star-shaped blue petals. May beauty fill your soul…

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Come and Go #Tanka

Come and Go #Tanka ~ life is dynamic full of coming and going let’s embrace the flow accept the cycles with grace achieve peace and harmony ~ This is my contribution for Colleen’s weekly tanka Tuesday poetry challenge. Last week she prompted us to write a poem in tanka (or other) form on the topic of…

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Awesome Stories 374

This week Awesome Stories brings you possibilities, connections with nature, spiritual evolution. Anything is Possible Jen Bricker is an amazing young woman. She was born without legs and given up for adoption. Her adoptive family gave her endless love and support to do anything she wanted. Jen was fascinated by Dominique Moceanu and gymnastics so she…