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Glowing Goodness

Glowing Goodness ~ setting sun whispers fields of color glowing bright my day is complete ~ This is a gorgeous watercolor painting by Janet Weight Reed. Her watercolors dance with color, flow, and joy. She often paints hummingbirds to remind us of the joys in life and teaches watercolor painting around Europe. I believe she is…

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Awesome Stories 330

This week Awesome Stories brings you dancing to freedom, tree communication, remarkable kids, and a legacy of reform. Dancing to Freedom This is a remarkable story of perseverance. Refugee Ahmad Joudeh uses dance to create messages of peace. He has persevered beyond what most of us can imagine. Dancing is taboo in his native country…

Wildflower Wonders

Wildflower Wonders ~ alive with color nature’s beauty on display wildflower wonders ~ Here’s another gem of a photo from my friend Gayle. I’m grateful that we’ve kept in touch over the years and that she is so gracious about sharing her photography. Thank you Gayle!

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Awesome Stories 329

This week Awesome Stories brings you peaceful communication, compassionate nursing, feasting on flowers, and happiness. Feasting on Flowers I love this idea of feasting on flowers. Lucia Ferrara Bettler talks about feasting on flowers with our senses to absorb their beauty on a deep level. This feasting can nourish our mind, body, and spirit. I know that flowers feed…

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Shining Brightly

Shining Brightly dazzling dahlia shining brightly in the field warms my tender heart ~ This beautiful flower image was taken by my friend Gayle at the Dallas Arboretum. Her photo albums make me want to visit this gem of a garden filled with wildflowers, native plants, Japanese gardens, water features and more. Thanks for sharing the…

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Awesome Stories 328

This week Awesome Stories brings you solutions to create better buildings that protect our precious planet like bio-concrete, eco-friendly hardware, solar smiles and slowing down. Bio-Concrete Henk Jonkers, of the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, has come up with a new concrete that heals itself with bacteria. Concrete is a very alkaline, dry, harsh…

Whatever Arises Love That

Journey into the Unknown

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”       Margaret Lee Runback This is a post of mine from 2012. I decided to re-post it as a reminder to myself and others to enjoy the journey and embrace the unknown. Blessings along the path, Brad ~ This could be a bumpy ride. We…