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Awesome Stories 289

This week Awesome Stories brings you better communication, better teaching and better friendship! Call-Out Culture I’m glad to see the media addressing the issue of our call-out culture. Asam Ahmad offers a very insightful look at the harm we do to each other in the name of calling out mistakes, problems and bad behavior. The…

Cool Jazz, poem

Street Jazz

Street Jazz ~ street dancing with life vibrant colors play like jazz come feel the rhythm ~ For some reason, this wonderful image by Kirt Tisdale struck me like a hot jazz tune. I love the vibrant colors and feeling of this image. Kirt was kind enough to allow me to use this image for…

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Awesome Stories 288

This week Awesome Stories brings you baby morality, junk food, magical living and Little Pantries. Born Good? This is a fun video commercial created by the Canadian group called People for Good to show how silly it is to label babies as good or bad. Further, they believe, as I do, that we are born…

Jill Stein, US Green Party

Pondering Politics

Pondering Politics These are my views on politics in the United States.  My goal is to look deeper into ourselves and our political system to find the root problems, engage in compassionate dialog and work towards meaningful reform.  I don’t usually write about politics, but I’m truly saddened by the state of our country, political system…

Lua, ceramics, poetry, play

Lingering with Lua

Lingering with Lua ~ lingering in his gaze filled with curiosity sweet and innocent ~ her beauty shines forth to bedazzle and beguile playful dreams begin ~ Lua and Drake are two of Belén Soto’s latest ceramic characters that have inspired my imagination. You can see the rest of her fanciful art at Cerámica Belén Soto.  

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Awesome Stories 287

This week Awesome Stories brings you the love of music, lunchmates, electric buses and great leadership. The Lady in Number Six The Lady in Number Six is a documentary about a remarkable woman, Alice Herz-Sommer. At 109, Alice was the oldest living survivor of the Holocaust. The remarkable part is how she still believed life…

creativity, art

You are Creative!

You are Creative! We tend to view creativity as something magical and special given to only the privileged few. In fact, I believe we are all creative. We simply express it in different ways. The main problem is with our limited definitions and perceptions of what it means to be creative. Creativity can be seen as…

Harvest Moon, poetry

Moon Madness

Moon Madness ~ night riders mounted shadows glide across the sky moon madness beckons ~ The Earth’s shadow darkened the moon during the lunar eclipse on September 16, 2016. Sadly I missed this rare event due to cloudy weather. It’s called a penumbral lunar eclipse where the earth causes a shadow across the moon. This…