Great Sand Dunes, poetry

The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time ~ layers of beauty sands from ancient seas dancing on grassy green fields watched by ancient mountain sentinels a feast for mind and spirit vistas expanding time and space the dance of eternity harks an ancient song painting the Great Sand Dunes  with layers of love and gratitude for life ~…

Great Sand Dunes, poetry

Lunar Painting

Lunar Painting ~ shades of flowing sand painted by lunar lightwaves the touch of beauty ~ Sadly, I didn’t see the lunar eclipse last week. It was a rare combination of supermoon, blood moon, and lunar eclipse that hasn’ t happened for 152 years! I know some people who were pretty excited by the event. The Great…

dolphins, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 354

This week Awesome Stories brings you the medicine of music, giving, and nature. The Medicine of Music Music washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul. ~ Berthold Auerbach Robert Gupta offers a very passionate talk about the power of music to heal. In his own life, he was wondering how to choose…

beauty, abstract art, poetry

The Face of Beauty

The Face of Beauty ~ knobby curves flowing creating abstract art shows the face of beauty ~ I hope you see the face in this knobby log. I found the shapes, textures, and colors fascinating. May we find beauty where we are. Blessings, Brad

moss, Ozarks, poetry

Mossy Mounds

Mossy Mounds ~ hills worn smooth by time limestone mounds covered in green make mossy marvels ~ I’ve grown to love the subtle beauty of the Ozark Mountains. The Ozarks are the exposed remains of an ancient mountain range hundreds of millions of years old. They were birthed by seismic upheaval and shaped by time…

cowboy life, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 353

This week Awesome Stories brings you the cowboy life, gypsy goats, and the gifts of resiliency. The Cowboy Life I found this conversation with Jim Brooks very interesting. Jim is a black man with a passion for the cowboy life, horses, music, and more. He seems to have followed his passions all through his life…

Rocky Mountain High, poetry

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High ~ golden Aspens shine layers of beauty abound Rocky Mountain High ~ I have a special love for Colorado having lived there for 3 years in the early 90s. They were some of the best times in my life, much of that due to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and easy access to outdoor activities.…

northern lights, poetry


Apotheosis ~ eerie hues glowing mystic lights painting the sky nature’s grace unfolds ~ Having never seen the Northern Lights, it’s hard to imagine these colors are natural and not a photoshop trick. I would love to see these brilliant colors dancing in the sky. Below is a beautiful video by Henry Jun Wah Lee portraying the…

gratitude, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 352

This week Awesome Stories brings you gratitude, compassion, and environmental stewardship. Compassion This is one of the most touching stories I’ve seen recently, especially as it highlights a very personal and powerful example of using communication consciously and compassionately as I promote so often on my blog. Sarah Silverman recently received a very harsh and…

ice, beauty, poetry

Frozen Beauty

Frozen Beauty ~ spirals of water  landscapes frozen in stillness moments of beauty ~   Like much of the country, Arkansas is having extremely cold temperatures. We had a high of 12′ on Tuesday with a nightly low of 1′! So I surrendered to the cold and went hunting for moments of frozen beauty. Lake Fayetteville…