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Desert Dreams

Desert Dreams ~ sensual sandstone sentinels of ancient days when inland seas flow ~ wonders of time past arches reaching back to zen the still point of love ~ I believe this photo is from Arches National Park in Utah or nearby in Colorado. Either way, it speaks to me of the timeless beauty of…

Rafael, illustrations, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 285

This week Awesome Stories brings you diving therapy, dog therapy, creating happiness and compassion. Diving Therapy Jim Elliott started Diveheart after he saw how much impact learning to skate made with his blind daughter. Diveheart offers scuba diving for people with disabilities. Many of their clients are paralyzed and live with pain. Their mission is to…

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Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams ~ thoughts like puffy clouds float on warm summer thermals refresh my spirit ~ waves, salt and sea breeze waft about my hungry soul feed my summer dreams ~ I am so grateful for my time at the beach this summer and visit with a friend. Her kind offer to stay at her home…

Kogarashi, winter, poetry


Kogarashi ~ winds blow from the west announcing the arrival of winter my heart quiets for a long rest ~ I found this photo on It was part of an article on 11 beautiful Japanese words that don’t exist in English. I love the words, photos and fact that these words convey a whole…

Capstone, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 284

This week Awesome Stories brings you food security, celebrity baby, teaching sustainability and the science of awe! Capstone for Food Security Capstone was formed to help bring food security to residents of the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. David Young came to S. Louisiana thinking he would help rehab some homes, but he found a bigger…

blue dragonfly - Bonnie Taylor Barry/ Shutterstock

Dragonfly Delight

Dragonfly Delight   ~ jaws for fierce killing 360-degree vision masters of living ~ friend to humankind fearsome enemy to bugs survival masters ~ freaky fast flyers dazzling colors in flight visions of delight ~ I find dragonflies fascinating and magical to watch. If you’re an insect, apparently they are the top dog predator, so…

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Rainbow Dreams

Rainbow Dreams ~ rainbows of bright light fill my imagination visions of delight ~ I’m pretty pleased with this photo, especially since it was taken with my cellphone and the quality in low light was a concern. Sometimes imperfection is just fine or dare I say “perfect!” May rainbows color your world. 

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Awesome Stories 283

This week Awesome Stories brings you nuclear hope, healthy food for all, virtue and happiness. A New View on Nuclear  I’ve slowly changed my view on nuclear energy, moving past my fears and prejudices to find the truth of comparative energy sources. It helped to have a friend who is an informed advocate for responsible nuclear.…

Monsoon, Mike Oblinski

Monsoon Madness

Monsoon Madness ~ pressure drops winds reverse rains pour lightening strikes valleys flood nature speaks man listens balance restored ~ Thanks for another inspiring storm photo from Mike Oblinski. I’m in awe of his photography and willingness to chase storms like this monsoon in the Chiricahua Mountains of SE Arizona. Sometimes we need a kick in…