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Arizona Beauty

Arizona Beauty ~ the sky on fire clouds swirling colors colliding the sun sets awe returns ~ This is an absolutely gorgeous photo from David A. Dawson photography. You might want to explore his Facebook page. I’ve seen some wonderful sunsets, including in the Southwest US, but nothing this spectacular.  

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Perseid Power

Perseid Power ~ cosmic messengers streaking across the night sky leave traces of joy ~ The beautiful video below features the Milky Way as seen from Flatside Pinnacle in Arkansas. The video was taken by Tim Stain of the Arkansas Nature Photography Group. NASA is predicting a particularly great Perseid Meteor shower this year. They’re…


Originally posted on The Poetry Channel:
Image courtesy of As part of the Poets for Peace collaborative poem, we would like to challenge all Poets from ALL nations of the world to participate in the 2016 Olym(Poet)ics. What are the Olym(Poet)ics? Weil, it’s my attempt to stimulate a resurgence of participation in the #PoetsforPeace…

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Awesome Stories 280

This week Awesome Stories brings you deep listening, musical bonding, water diplomacy and prison gardens. Feeding Body and Soul Inmates have a challenging time. Too many prisons feature sterile and harsh environments. Fortunately, there is some prison reform happening. Besides the restorative justice I’ve written about before, more prisons are starting to grow their own…

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Soulful Whispers

Soulful Whispers ~ soulful whispers echo in my mind vibrations dancing through my body awakened pathways from my heart will you come play with me will you trust the unknown will you dare to dream again ~ the questions haunt my dreams mysteries teasing my awareness potentials that call for expression rather than feel sad about…

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Grace ~ a beautiful gift you bring blessings from above thanks for your presence ~ Grace has been on my mind. It is a word with so many beautiful meanings and associations. The definitions I found online are; 1-elegance of movement, 2- free and unmerited blessings from God, and 3- to honor someone with your presence.…

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Awesome Stories 279

This week Awesome Stories brings you better conversation, edible cutlery, death, meaning and portable learning. Better Conversation In this TED Talk, Celeste Headlee shares 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation. As some of you know, communication is a big deal for me. I’ve spent my work life in sales learning about better communication and written…

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Sweet Waters

Sweet Waters ~ rain pours from the sky sweet waters flood the land rivers sing with joy ~ After a long hot and dry spell, clouds swelled, the skies opened and rain poured over our area yesterday. Thankfully, the rivers are flowing, the flowers are perky and the grass is green again. It’s amazing how…

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Awesome Stories 278

This week Awesome Stories brings you farm pods, street medicine, reverence and natural optimism. Instant Farm Pods Mike Straight, CEO of FarmPod LLC, and his fiancée, Siria Bonilla have an awesome idea. They envision their Farm Pods as a solution to bring sustainable food supplies to food deserts, disaster areas, schools, or anywhere food is needed. The Farm…

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Peace Prayer

Peace Prayer ~ hate festers in fear love can soothe our restless minds when we meet in peace ~ I feel strongly about working to promote more peace in the world. Today’s poem is my prayer for peace. I will continue to offer peace in my mind, heart, words and deeds. If peace is important…