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Flowing Forward

Flowing Forward ~ rivers carving rock eons of artistry flow Great Falls on display ~ We (the muse and I) are back from our trip east to see family. My brother, mom, and I had some good conversations and even looked at one senior residence. It helped mom get clear that she is still not…

Coffee Channel

The Origins of Muse Mayhem

Here is the original post that was the inspiration for my muse mystery and mayhem series. In rereading this early post on muses and caffeine, we had a few chuckles so we’re sharing the goodness with you. Plus we noticed a fun synchronicity. This is the 5 year anniversary of this post. Plus the post…


Muse Vacation

Muse Vacation Muse Brad and I will be heading to Virginia to visit my mother and brother for a couple of weeks. We probably won’t be writing, posting, or reading many blogs. We’ll miss you, but probably need a break from writing deadlines. Muse Brad has convinced me we need time off from writing to…

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Awesome Stories 337

This week Awesome Stories brings you connections, meaning from death, love, and moving beyond poverty. You Matter We have the power to make a difference, by interacting with people in a deeply personal way. ~ Cheryl Rice Last year I featured the You Matter Marathon. This year, I’m happy to report that Cheryl Rice and the YMM…

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Sacred Spirals

Sacred Spirals ~ orange petals glow with sacred spirals of love rhythms of the heart ~ This is another tribute to Summer Love that is fading fast. These calla lilies grow in containers in my landlord’s back yard. Their blossoms last only a few days in mid summer. Farewell, my sweet beauty. May you return again.

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Moka Madness

Moka Madness I have sad news to report. After going missing, Muse Brad has been found, but he’s in bad shape.  After a series of breakdowns, attacks, escapes, and affairs, Muse Brad has contracted a new strain of fever called Moka Madness. He can’t eat, sleep, or do anything except think of the divine Moka…

Reciprocity, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 336

This week Awesome Stories brings your education reform, life lessons, reciprocity, and beyond judgments. Education Reform I really resonate with Seth Godin’s perspective on education reform called Stop Stealing Dreams. His core premise is that our education model is outdated and mostly kills dreams and creativity. Education in the US and much of the world…

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Summer Love

Summer Love ~ With summer winding down and the diminishing flowers around town, I’m feeling a sadness. Yes, I love autumn, but the explosion of flowers in spring and summer makes my heart sing. As a photographer and writer who relies on nature and flowers for much of my inspiration, I’ll have to dig deeper…

missing muse

Missing Muse

Missing Muse My writing muse has been missing in action for a while. My fanciful friend, Muse Brad, seems to have left the premises. I persist in writing because I’m a stubborn cuss, but my writing feels flat and forced. Or maybe I have a new muse that is all about writing schedules ala D. Wallace’s…

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Awesome Stories 335

This week Awesome Stories brings you forest regeneration, Medicine Baba, growing gratitude, and dancing. Forest Regeneration This story warms my heart and gives me hope for the future. Twenty years ago, a couple donated a forested piece of land in exchange for orange peels and pulp for some deforested land. It turned out to be…