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Fairy Fun

Fairy Fun ~ lush lichen mounds the perfect dance grounds the diva is away it’s time to play grab the honey cider fling your partner wider a grand autumn fest time to play and jest ~ Happy Autumn from the Ozark Fairies, distant cousins to the Desert Chimeras!    

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Awesome Stories 342

This week Awesome Stories brings you Bhutan’s success, depression, and kindness. The Humanizing of Depression What hurts you blesses you. Darkness is your candle. ~ Rumi This article by Parker Palmer touched me deeply. Like Parker, having gone through a long bout of depression, I relate to his take on finding meaning from the experience.…

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Howling of the Chimera

Howling of the Chimera Halloween seems like the perfect time to start this desert adventure. Beware the lost souls on this dark holiday aka All Hallows Eve. Here is a brighter take on Halloween called Hallowed or Harrowing reminding us that choice is the magic key to life. Or my last year’s ode to Halloween called…

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Awesome Stories 341

This week Awesome Stories brings you cooling paint, Awaken Circles, and groovy grandmothers. SolCold Israeli company SolCold has created a new paint that acts as a low-cost airconditioner for buildings. Their paint cools when exposed to sunlight by filtering out certain wavelengths and re-emitting it as energy. Heat from buildings is absorbed and re-emitted as lightwaves…

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Festive Fall

Festive Fall ~ creeks filled with color autumn declares her presence fall festival flows ~ Like a gentle creek, autumn has arrived slowly and quietly. Her sweetness flows into my heart with whispers of color, coolness, and peace. May her beauty warm your heart. Blessings, Brad  

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Beauty and the Bee

Beauty and the Bee ~ bright yellow flowers calling the bees to visit sweetness is buzzing ~ I stumbled onto this wonderful patch of yellow wildflowers while hiking along a creek near my mother’s house last month. I was surprised to see such a vivid display of flowers in late September. May your week be…

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Awesome Stories 340

This week Awesome Stories brings you joy, Metropolis Farms, storytelling, and garden lessons. Metropolis Farms Philidelphia, PA is home to one of the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, and highest producing indoor vertical farming operation in the country called Metropolis Farms. Their goal is to change the way we farm and help spread their technology around the…

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Desert Soulfire Meets the Chimera

Desert Soulfire Meets the Chimera This series was inspired by Teagan at Teagansbooks. Both her endless creativity and ongoing vignettes have inspired me to try some new writing styles. I’m going to try an ongoing series with the misadventures of Muse Brad. And now his alter ego, Desert Soulfire, has surfaced with an itch to…