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Awesome Stories 345

This week Awesome Stories brings you kindness, nuclear facts, and resiliency. Kindness School Seattle, Washington is home to the Puget Sound Community School whose mission and focus are based on kindness. The director, Andy Smallman, believes that if you create a nurturing environment and help build character, then the academics and related skills come automatically. Teachers…

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Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life

Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life A friend of mine, Christi Daniels, gave a talk at the local Science of Mind center about coming home and appreciation. Christi talked about her intense year after intending to find a home within her self and all the stuff that came up to show her what was holding her back. The biggest…

Chimera Sunset

Desert Chimera

Desert Chimera ~ clouds of wind and rain desert storms marching onward  chimera searching ~ I haven’t had the time or focus to get back to my Chimera adventures so I wanted to write this short haiku to hold the space. May we find beauty, love, and adventure wherever we are. Blessings, Brad

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Awesome Stories 344 – Thanksgiving Edition

This week Awesome Stories focuses on the power of gratitude. I love the Thanksgiving Holiday and the reminder to appreciate my life and its many blessings.  Gratitude by the Numbers In case you’ve been hiding for the last 10 years, the transformative power of gratitude has been demonstrated. The research of Robert Emmons (and many others)…

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Rocket Man

Rocket Man skating through your life powered by creative play one flies far and fast ~ This painting inspired me to play and create a tribute to Jason Jones and his art. I love that our city, Fayetteville, Arkansas, is now encouraging and sometimes even paying local artists to paint murals and other scenes around…

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Ripples in Time

Ripples in Time ~ the autumn show has begun eddies of wind playing blankets of leaves falling in bright swirls of color and layers of texture dancing across the water creating layers of love and ripples in time ~ May the beauty of autumn send ripples of love dancing across your heart.     

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Awesome Stories 343

This week Awesome Stories brings you true grit, young leaders, and the divine dance. True Grit Tatyana McFadden‘s life reflects an amazing determination or what used to be called grit. Tatyana was born with spina bifida, paralyzed below the waist, and given up by her birth mother who couldn’t support her. While living in an orphanage in…