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Spring Fever

Spring Fever ~ great balls of satire fields filled with dirt and mire the flowers such a sorry sight weary to all but a sprite trees laden with mushy buds from spring rain and floods may the farce be with you calling spring fever to ensue ~

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Is Might Right?

Is Might Right? ~ vile and vitriol are flowing poisoning the masses scoundrels with orange hair warmongers wearing suits the lines between parties are fuzzy clouding who is good and who is evil ~ Meanwhile, the real issues are buried beneath endless bickering, distraction, politics, and shenanigans. War has long been the priority in America…

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Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine ~ fading frost and cold birds announce their sheer delight farewell to winter early flowers bursting forth marks the season of rebirth ~ This is my entry for Colleen’s latest #Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge. The idea is to create a poem (in any form) using synonyms for the two words Spring and Sing.…

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Soul Spaces 110

This week in Soul Spaces I’m letting go of perfectionism. Giving Up Perfection I have the perfect thing to give up for lent; perfection. It is a dream, goal, and illusion that haunts my every move. I have tortured myself for years in search of the perfect. The perfect partner, the perfect diet, the perfect…

Once Upon a Blue Moon

Once Upon a Blue Moon

Once Upon a Blue Moon I had so much fun the first time I decided to try another short story with this intriguing image. Here is my second story to go with Diana’s March Speculative Fiction Prompt. Enjoy! ~ Andrus had a swagger about him. One of the new breeds, he didn’t look like your…

Craggy Dreams, poetry

Craggy Mountains

Craggy Mountains ~ moss covered limestone ancient mountains worn away leaving craggy dreams ~ Arkansas has some of the oldest mountains in the United States. They’ve been worn down by time, wind, and water. This beautiful image was taken by my friend Kristin Jones. She is a true nature lover who often manages to capture…

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Shivers of Ecstasy

Shivers of Ecstasy ~ perched at the edge of the bay time seems to stop as heaven and earth merge my imagination takes flight soaring on soft puffy clouds allowing our souls to break free no longer bound by earthly toils free to float, fly, or simply be your spirit touches mine alive with shivers…

Once Upon a Blue Moon

A Strange New World

A Strange New World Pixabay image by Natan Vance ~ I decided to have a go at writing a short story. This is my first short story ever and response to D. Wallace Peach’s March speculative fiction prompt. The guidelines can be found in the link above which are to write a poem, story or…