Lakeside Lullaby

Lake Fayetteville this weekend.


the gentle movement of water

a sweet balm to my spirit

good energy flowing

cleansing body and soul

water rippling, light reflecting,

birds singing, geese feeding

cyclists zooming, hikers strolling

sights and sounds of lakeside lullabies

bring gratitude for nature and my health


Hardy roots clinging to life on the edge.

I enjoyed another weekend hike at Lake Fayetteville, a city park on the north side of town that has hiking and biking trails along with canoe and kayak rentals. Thankfully, not many people were on the dirt hiking trail, offering me time to relax and refresh in nature. I’m extremely grateful for these pockets of nature, warm weather, and my good health to enjoy them.

Little fairy patches along the trail.
Another healing view of the lake.

May you find ways to nurture your body and spirit.


69 thoughts on “Lakeside Lullaby

  1. I just love your blog posts, Brad. A perfect poem regarding nature and gratitude β€” and then your magnificent photos of tree roots gracefully hanging on to life on the edge and of the lake and of the patches of fairy moss. Delightful. Thank you for taking this hike and then sharing it with the rest of us. We finally have cold (still no snow to speak of) winter weather today in MA…

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  2. A beautiful spot you have there to immerse in. Thank you for sharing it with us and for your lovely poem, Brad. I can feel the refreshing energy and it’s nurturing effects you’re receiving. So wonderful! Really glad you are having nice weather and embracing the day!

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  3. I can feel your whole body, mind and spirit relaxing and releasing all tensions! What a beautiful environment you have to enjoy and fancy you spotting the fairy garden! Love your heartwarming poem too. So glad you are following your heart and just enjoying being in life! Much love x

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  4. Thank you for sharing this experience, Brad. Sometimes I wish I could be in the big wild wilderness, but your vision reminds me that pockets of nature in city parks can be enough. I am thankful with you.

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  5. What a magically calm place! Love the first shot so muchβ€”the stillness of the water and the reflection of the log. You’ve made me long to visit the lake. Now I need the rain to stop!


  6. What a beautiful and serene post! The gentle movement of water is truly a sweet balm for the spirit. Your descriptions of the sights and sounds of lakeside lullabies are so vivid and evocative, it makes me feel like I’m right there with you, experiencing the serenity of nature. I am glad that you were able to have a relaxing and refreshing time on your hike at Lake Fayetteville, and being surrounded by such beauty and tranquility. I appreciate your gratitude for nature and your good health, it is truly something to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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