Desert Storms

Desert Storms

desert storms, photography

© Mike Olbinski Photography

wall of dust looming

fierce winds scouring the landscape

desert Haboob nears


storm chasers delight

critters and humans in flight

nature cleaning house


I love the photography of Mike Oblinski, whom I’ve featured previously in Awesome Stories on Storm Chasing.Through his photos, I learned about a desert storm called a Haboob. These fierce storms collect dust and a wall of debris moves across the landscape. I would love to see some of these storms in real life, but from a safe distance! Though I suspect part of the thrill for storm chasers is not knowing what will happen. Go safely Mike, my storm chasing friend!


22 thoughts on “Desert Storms

  1. I’m always so in awe of storms, but like you – I prefer them “from a safe distance.”
    Great poem Brad, and stunning photo.
    For some reason I’m hearing Riders on the Storm by the Doors in my head now…

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  2. Stunning photography and pretty close to home here in Phoenix land….our part of the metro area got hit with a smaller Haboob end of last week and then last night Phoneix proper got hit. From our side of the mountains…it was a great light show with all of the lightening…and now both of you have me stuck with Riders on the Storm in my head…:)

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  3. Frightening. Is that natural or is it a consequence of poor land treatment? I mean everyone knows about the dust storms of the Great Depression. Did this happen before large scale agriculture?


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