Rainbows and Rivers

Rainbows and Rivers

~St. Patrick's Day, blessings, poetry

rainbows and rivers run free

just like you and me

chasing those pots of gold

we don’t allow grace to unfold

the more we grab and fight our way

the less we enjoy our days

blessings like rivers are best when flowing free

allowing and appreciation are the start

to magic and blessings filling our heart


This is a delayed poetry blessing for St. Patrick’s Day, inspired by all the rain we’ve had lately. I’m very grateful for flowing rivers, recharging lakes, aquifers, gardens and waterfalls.

May the blessings flow.



25 thoughts on “Rainbows and Rivers

  1. Rain is such a precious commodity…..I was watching a documentary about terrible droughts around the world that are causing so much famine…and thinking how fortunate I am to live in a country where we have lots of water. Lovely poem and image. Janet 🙂

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  2. When you live in a town where it rains so much, then you look forward to some sun, but maybe where you live it’s completely different and of course, rain is very important for nature, Brad.

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  3. This is a great piece, Brad. Reminds me of the adage about the dangers of trying to hold onto a handful of sand by squeezing it too tightly (but rainbows and rivers are far more meaningful than sand in my opinion).

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