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Rainbows and Rivers

Rainbows and Rivers ~ rainbows and rivers run free just like you and me chasing those pots of gold we don’t allow grace to unfold the more we grab and fight our way the less we enjoy our days blessings like rivers are best when flowing free allowing and appreciation are the start to magic…

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Rainbow Dreams

Rainbow Dreams ~ rainbows of bright light fill my imagination visions of delight ~ I’m pretty pleased with this photo, especially since it was taken with my cellphone and the quality in low light was a concern. Sometimes imperfection is just fine or dare I say “perfect!” May rainbows color your world. 

rain, gardens, poetry

Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens   For the second month, we are having high volumes of rain. My flowers, bushes and grass are thriving. Mowing seems to be my occupation and I’m starting to feel the impact of the weather like when I lived in Portland. After a certain number of days without sunshine, I start to feel…

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Magic Gates

Magic Gates worlds collide doors open rainbows dance stars ignite and magic happens when our hearts open ~ Here are a couple more photos from the gorgeous autumn display last year when my heart opened wide with the beauty of nature. Happy Autumn! ~


Tickle Me Pink

Tickle Me Pink Thank goodness for Pink Without pink the world would stink If we had no pinks, violets and blues Life would be rather dull without those hues Without those same sex pairs We would be a bunch of squares Yes boys and girls make fine pairs And help make the family new heirs…