Flow and Flourish

Flow and Balance

Flow and Balance ~  a creative dance stones balancing in water beauty or nuisance ~ I enjoy seeing some stone balance creations like the one above by Tim Anderson of Keystone Balance. I also believe it has become so popular that we are altering and harming environments in the name of free expression. I’d like…

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Flowing Waters

Flowing Waters ~ flowing waters sing beauty, power, and motion celebrate the flow ~ We recently had a week of rain, and now our rivers are flowing with joy and power. We really needed the water to refill our dry land, lakes, and rivers. There was so much rain, we even had some flash flooding. I’m…

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Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life

Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life A friend of mine, Christi Daniels, gave a talk at the local Science of Mind center about coming home and appreciation. Christi talked about her intense year after intending to find a home within her self and all the stuff that came up to show her what was holding her back. The biggest…

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Festive Fall

Festive Fall ~ creeks filled with color autumn declares her presence fall festival flows ~ Like a gentle creek, autumn has arrived slowly and quietly. Her sweetness flows into my heart with whispers of color, coolness, and peace. May her beauty warm your heart. Blessings, Brad  

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Fanciful Flow

Fanciful Flow ~ ribbon fish swimming colors dancing on canvas fills me with delight ~ As I celebrate my birthday week, I want to share another talented artist from our community This painting is from Vera Komnig. I enjoy the feeling, flow, and bright colors in her paintings. To see more of her fanciful abstract art, visit Vera’s…

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Rainbows and Rivers

Rainbows and Rivers ~ rainbows and rivers run free just like you and me chasing those pots of gold we don’t allow grace to unfold the more we grab and fight our way the less we enjoy our days blessings like rivers are best when flowing free allowing and appreciation are the start to magic…

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Playful Possibilities

Playful Possibilities ~ playing I am free full of joy in being me Gypsy Brad is my name play is our best game ~ once upon a silly hat we had a very nice chat bouncing up and down like a cheerful clown ~ should you feel a frown we can turn you upside down…

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Dancing with the Wind

Dancing with the Wind ~ energy in flux feelings swirling and twirling dancing with the wind ~ I’ve been feeling unsettled the last few days. Nothing obvious is going on in my life, but I’m aware of the blustery wind and how it matches and stirs up my feelings. I’m dancing with the energy, attempting…