Awesome Stories 312

This week Awesome Stories brings you music therapy, consumerism, better batteries, and revolutionary love.

Music Therapy

Rex is a musical savant who uses his gift to promote awareness of autism and help others use music to find healing and joy in their lives. Diagnosed at an early age with autism, Rex wowed audiences with his prodigious musical talent. He has been fortunate to explore his musical talent and use his popularity to promote awareness for others with autism. He and friends founded a non-profit called Rex & Friends to offer music therapy and education with individualized programs. Music can provide alternative cognitive, social and life benefits to the students by providing a different way to communicate and connect.

Conscious Consumerism?

Many of us have fallen into the trap of believing we can help change the world and protect the planet with conscious buying choices. The idea of conscious consumerism is mostly a way to ease our guilt. Actions like buying organic sheets make a minor impact and divert our time, money and energy from addressing the underlying causes like a consumer based economy with political and economic systems that don’t value people and planet as much as profits. We would be much better off diverting our time and energy into things that really matter like economic and political reform. This article offers more ideas for changes that can make a difference.

Better Batteriesglass batteries, Awesome Stories

At age 94, John Goodenough is still working, committed to transforming the lithium-ion batteries that power many of our modern conveniences. If he and his team are successful, the batteries would transform energy storage, accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and possibly bring the end of oil. He and fellow researchers at the University of Texas at Austin unveiled a promising lithium- or sodium-glass battery technology. These batteries would eliminate the risk of battery combustion, provide 3 times the energy storage, offer faster charging and thousands of discharge/recharge cycles. And the sodium version could eliminate the need for harmful lithium mining. Being the co-founder of the original lithium-ion batteries, Dr. Goodenough has the credentials to pull off this breakthrough. Go team!

Revolutionary LoveValerie Kaur, Revolutionary Love, Awesome Stories

Valarie Kaur is a woman on fire to transform the way we deal with hate and fear. Kaur is an American interfaith leader, lawyer, filmmaker, Sikh activist, and founder of The Revolutionary Love Project at the University of Southern California. Her recent keynote address at the College Conference in Montreat lit up the attendees with the courage to meet hate and bigotry with love. The mission of TRLP is to declare revolutionary love, resist, and rise up, creating social justice based on love. This is my kind of revolution; standing with the energy of love. Rise Up!

May we rise up in love, embracing the challenges in our life with courage and compassion. 




37 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 312

  1. The part about conscious consuming: I saw an article awhile back that talked about converting from a consumer economy to a balanced economy of give and take. I’m doing research on that for my LIFE Project. 🙂 Glad to see that others are thinking along those lines, too. I’m looking at going from two angles: buying fair trade/equitably sourced products and/or recycling items already in existence – and just buying less overall (though I’m a lifelong minimalist consumer – at least in some regards, lol).
    In any case, fun stories as always. 🙂

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  2. Music therapy ROCKS! 20 years ago, I looked into obtaining a degree in music therapy. While that did not come to pass, I have found immense peace and pleasure using what I have found. The Mozart Effect has a great series of CD’s for those who are interested in having something to use right away. There is a set for babies, one for children and one for adults. Also, The late, Ted Andrews wrote a great book ,Music Therapy for Non Musicians. Wonderful stuff

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  3. Hey Brad! I did a practicum in a school for children with autism, and I did a study (informal) on the effects of music and comprehension with some of the children. I noticed that there was a definite impact on the level of cognitive awareness when lessons were paired with music, and presented my findings to the school administrators who said they would look into this phenomenon! And, on another side note, I believe I know someone who knows this young man in your article! Small world.
    Hope you are super and that your weekend is filled with beautiful colors! ❤

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  4. Good morning Brad….Once again a fantastic offering. The segment about using music as a therapy is right on the money….I would extend that of course to painting, writing, dancing, etc……all of which are alternative avenues of communication. I think we have so much to learn from autism and savants…..we need to understand more – and I do believe it will come.
    John at 94 is an example to us all that as long as we have breath in our body and good health we can continue to grow and create….fabulous.
    Here’s to the Love Revolution…..and let’s get rid of just about consumerism other than the purchasing of what we NEED……You can tell I feel very strongly about this subject 🙂 Have a lovely day my friend….and enjoy the spring….janet

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    • Thanks Janet. I agree that all the creative arts can help us find our center and path. I’m grateful for people like John that inspire me to be a better person. And I’m with you on being passionate about lowering our impact on the planet! blessings…

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  5. What wonderful shares this week here in your awesome stories Brad.. love the one on Autism and Music… So important a link to help bring confidence and progress .. Music is altering our vibration, and is so healing.. I am delighted for those in the video who have come on leaps and bounds due to their connecting to music and Song.
    As for that amazing Young Man at the age of 94 I so hope his research is allowed to continue and create great alternatives in energy and storing it.. I know solutions are out there.. I hope can be allowed to take off..
    And I hope we can all Rise Up and create Universal Love I have yet to follow that link.. but hope to follow up when I have alittle more time Brad..
    Awesome Stories all of them..
    ❤ Sue 🙂

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  6. All stories are great and inspirational…I was really moved with John Goodenough….what a story and the work he is doing at his age…incredible…I’m all about getting off an oil based transportation system for many reasons ranging from economic to environmental…

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  7. Thank you for these stories Brad.
    The music therapy resonated deeply. Isn’t music simply amazing? I’ve heard about with Alzheimer’s patients, Parkinson’s patients but now autism as well. I have worked with autistic children (teenagers) and as far as I know, none were enrolled in music class. I’ll ask more when I see a former colleague tomorrow.
    Great post Brad 🌟🌟🌸

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