Frosty Toes

Our frozen pond with a dusting of snow.


geese walking on ice

waddling across the pond

frozen edge to edge


Double cold with ice crystals on top of an already frozen pond!

If you count the frozen pond, we had a White Christmas. There was only a light dusting of snow that mostly disappeared by Christmas. But we had record cold from an arctic blast that affected much of the country. I think we broke records for cold temperatures with several days with temps in the teens during the day and near zero at night. One night dipped to -4 F. Brrr!


May your heart and home be warm, even if your toes are frosty. For the new year, I intend to be more proactive about my life. Hopefully, I’ll come up with some goals and plans.

Happy New Year! 🎉


58 thoughts on “Frosty Toes

  1. Wow those Chrystal’s really are awesome, yes sharing their connectiveness. We are indeed bridges to each other! So even in our Sovereign individuality we are always connected❤️ Such a soothing thought! Thankyou for sharing Earths beauty and your intentions! Everything begins with an intention… a bit of imagination and will power knowing you are worth it and can do whatever you put your balanced heart and mind too. And for me that’s always been the trick, to be well balanced because the mind will always try and talk you out of change❤️ May 2023 be a most beautiful year full of your highest potential Brad🥰🤩🎶🕺🌈 sending love and keep warm!

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  2. Sometimes when it is so cold, the only thing that gets me outside is to see the frost and crystals to be found. You’ve captured such icy beauty very well. I wish you a great start to an inspirational ’23 for you, Brad.

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  3. Such cold, cold temps and conditions over in the States Brad.. our thoughts were with you all during that icy blast… Loved the poem.. Watching ducks waddle on ice while not nice for them, has often brought a smile to my face…
    Have a Wonderful New Year Brad.. and thank you for all your supportive comments my friend ❤

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  4. Brrr. And I definitely count the ice as a white Christmas. It is always nice to have one. Rosy cheeks and fresh brisk air are my memories. The ice crystals are a work of art. But no doubt you are happy the arctic blast has past. Bitter nostril freezing cold, is great in the tiniest of spurts.

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