Balmy Beginning 2023

Lake Wilson trails and views.


lakeside adventures

dogs, geese, and hikers in force

enjoy a respite


Beautiful sky, colors, and contrasts.

On the first two days of 2023, the temperature reached nearly 70F! A rather dramatic shift after our arctic blast around Christmas. I took full advantage of the weather with a hike at the lake one day and a bike ride the next day. It feels good to get out in fresh air and move my body. I want to get back to more regular exercise this year, along with a better diet, less sugar, and less caffeine. We’ll see how long I stick to these plans!

Geese feeding and giving us a peep show!

Those are my simple goals for 2023. I also want to go on an actual vacation sometime this year. Most likely to one of the countries that I’m considering for relocation. Currently, those are Panama, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Columbia for their affordability, ease of relocation, and expat-friendly policies.

May your days be full of love and laughter.

Happy New Year!


91 thoughts on “Balmy Beginning 2023

  1. We are experiencing a warm spell, too; so I can continue riding my bike in January! I will be curious to learn more about your possible plans to re-locate to another country as 2023 unfolds… Hurrah for walking and biking and the natural world!

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  2. It’s good to get out after the cold spell❣️ I used to live watching the tv shows in expats locating overseas. Good luck with your explorations! There are some really nice looking places out there.

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  3. Afternoon Brad. We have had the same incredibly mild weather and indeed today is like spring. Like you I want to completely cut out the holiday sugar! I love it when I am eating it, but I don’t like the effects it has on my body and mind!:). I have started the withdrawal process. How exciting about a possible move and the place you are talking about sound wonderful. Happy and productive new year my friend. `xx

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  4. Ah, that looks like such a nice and serene spot to do some hiking! We are having foul weather here in the Netherlands, storm and rain, not a fan of rain so I’m waiting for more balmy conditions to go for some forest bathing 😉

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  5. Wow, that is a big swing in weather! Sounds like the shifts in temps mirror your intents for relocation destinations. 😉 Love that you’re getting out and enjoying nature with hikes and fun bike rides and that you’re focusing on things that nurture you. Love the fresh ideas and new energy brewing…and that peep show from the geese adds some lightness to the whole process…may it all be fun and inspire some giggles along the way!

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  6. Happy New Year, Brad… and the weather is something else, and good for you to head out exploring. And wow, your boundaries for exploring have grown 🙂 I’ve heard such great things about Colombia and Ecuador… what a great goal to have, research, and explore. Cheers, and I look forward to seeing how things go. Best to a great ’23.

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  7. I love your respite haiku hiking with the geese Brad.
    Your goals are sound wonderful and like you are off on a good start Brad. I’m working on a diet shift and taking vitamins and so far so good. I’m trying to be ‘”religious” about it as it truly does help over all.
    Beautiful pictures.
    My son is in Columbia right now and is really having a great time. I was worried about the crime as I was when he went to Nicaragua but I’m always a worry wart when it comes to my kids no matter how old they are. He has researched it though and both have been wonderful.

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  8. We certainly do have to dart out when the skies are blue, in between all the dull and cold weather everywhere! Nature and open space always makes us feel great! You had some beautiful hikes! You’re not the only one indulging… I do t normally buy all the sugar food… but we indulged!chocolates, biscuits, mince pies and Christmas cake galore! so no more buying for me when I get home! Back to my normal square of dark chocolate a day with 1 cappuccino. Wow Brad you’re thinking really far away! I’ve heard a mixture of things about them all! You definitely have to visit for a while to find out the truth though! Maybe an idea to get a pen friend and arrange a visit and tour!
    Wishing you willpower to follow through on your dreams… you are worth it❤️ much love x

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  9. Happy New Year, Brad! It must have felt so good to get out and enjoy some fresh air after that arctic blast. We got walloped here on the west coast; it was wild! But thankfully, after a heavy rainstorm, the snow drifts were gone, and green grass re-emerged. I love your idea of relocating … it doesn’t get more exciting than that! Cheers, my friend. 🥂💕

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  10. How nice to have 70 degrees in January. I’m jealous. And how interesting that you’re considering moving out of the US. We were thinking seriously of the same with all the craziness of the past few years. Costa Rica seemed like an appealing place to make our escape. In the meantime, enjoy your walks, Brad. And wishing you the best of luck with your simple goals. Sounds like a plan.

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  11. Great goals. And thank goodness for hiking/ biking weather to return. I have watched some shows on expats moves to a few of the places you mentioned. Life seems relaxed. Access to the outdoors all the time is a thumbs up. I look forward to seeing your travel to a few of those spots as you decide if it is a good decision. Happy New Year.

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  12. Wow Brad! That is some big news I missed! What an exciting prospect!! Can’t wait to hear more about your ideas on relocating. I think that is incredible courage to pick up and move to another country!!
    I hear you on the physical part, also. I have made similar commitments to myself for this new year…so far…so good! Hope it’s good for you too!

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      • Ah…doubt. I understand, Brad. It feels like a game of whack-a-mole…I finally feel like I have conquered a lot of my fear, and what pops up next…DOUBT! Perhaps it is just fear in disguise…I don’t know. But I’m with you…let’s bust past the doubt. Let’s listen to what our soul is saying and then do everything we can to accomplish it!! If that goal seems too big…is there something a little smaller…?

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      • I appreciate the support Lorrie. The truth is I’m not sure what my soul and heart want. The choice is complicated by my mother and her health. I probably won’t move out of country with her failing health.


      • I understand completely, Brad. When I decided to be there for my mom at the end of her life it did kind of feel like I had put my life on hold. But nothing could be further from the truth! Spending that time with her (no matter how hard it was at times) opened me up to incredible truths about myself.
        I know we’ve talked about it at times, and that your mom doesn’t want anyone to take care of her. I’m sorry to hear that her health is compromised. Sending all love and wisdom to you and your family. Hard times for sure.
        (and even if your big dreams are put on hold…that doesn’t mean they are on hold forever!)

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  13. I wish I could say the Southern California is still sunny, but we have been getting hit with rain storm after rain storm! What a gorgeous photo and of such silly geese! They have such personalities! Thank you so much for sharing 😊

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  14. Wonderful views Brad so pleased that your weather has dramatically improved.
    Here in England flood warnings as constant rain but at least its not snow.

    Great goals, and intentions, and I hope you manifest that holiday destination.
    Have a wonderful 2023 Brad 💕

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  15. Your post made me smile, Brad! On my to-do/winter wish list are these two: drink more green tea/water and tweak my sugar intake…your relocation plans sound intriguing…one of our neighbours moved to Columbia just before the pandemic and I often wonder how he’s faring…for many years and for the same reasons you mention, we headed down to Mexico and lived happily there for three months, it’s tempting to do something like this full-time that’s for sure. Keep us posted!

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