Dangerous Curves

~ slippery curves loom dark paths with hidden dangers slip sliding along ~ ~ We’re predicted to have a winter mix of rain and snow later today. All too often we get rain that turns to snow as the temperature drops making for hazardous roads. I’m hoping for a few inches of snow to create…


Frosty Toes

~ geese walking on ice waddling across the pond frozen edge to edge ~ If you count the frozen pond, we had a White Christmas. There was only a light dusting of snow that mostly disappeared by Christmas. But we had record cold from an arctic blast that affected much of the country. I think…

Macro Mayhem

~ ice-covered blossoms delicate beauty encased a frozen mayhem ~ This is a follow-up to last week’s post with more pictures from the freak thunder sleet event. With any luck, this will be the last snow or sleet we see until next winter. Thankfully, I’m seeing some signs of spring with daffodils and snowdrops peeking…

winter, wonder, poetry

Crystalline Moments

Crystalline Moments ~ a beautiful dream frozen in time thoughts crystallized in spirals of wonder lattices for languid love waiting on spring’s song ~ #melancholy musings, #winterwonder  

beauty, macro views, poetry

Hidden Charms

Hidden Charms ~ macro details shine fresh views of nature’s splendor beauty revealed ~ When I was younger, I was focused on the obvious beauty of a sunset, mountain range, or grand vista. Those beautiful sights stirred my passion for nature and photography. Gradually, since living in Arkansas, I’ve learned to look more closely at…

ice, beauty, poetry

Frozen Beauty

Frozen Beauty ~ spirals of water  landscapes frozen in stillness moments of beauty ~   Like much of the country, Arkansas is having extremely cold temperatures. We had a high of 12′ on Tuesday with a nightly low of 1′! So I surrendered to the cold and went hunting for moments of frozen beauty. Lake Fayetteville…

beauty, love, ice, poetry

Ice Dreams

Ice Dreams ~ your beauty sparkles shimmering frozen crystals icicles of love ~ This is another beautiful image from Eva Marschan-Hayes. Thank you for sharing your art and inspiring my dreams.