Frozen Beauty

Frozen Beautybeauty, ice frost


spirals of water 

landscapes frozen in stillness

moments of beauty

~frozen lake


ice sculptures

Like much of the country, Arkansas is having extremely cold temperatures. We had a high of 12′ on Tuesday with a nightly low of 1′! So I surrendered to the cold and went hunting for moments of frozen beauty. Lake Fayetteville was completely frozen which is very rare for here. There were so many beautiful ice sculptures, frozen landscapes, and reflections to enjoy. May we find beauty wherever we are.


64 thoughts on “Frozen Beauty

  1. You found so much beauty in the cold! I know, that kind of temperatures are very rare in Arkansas (I used to come to Little Rock often when my son’s family lived there 2011-2012). Can you imagine, we had black ice on some of our bridges this morning! But when I got out with Dylan the temperature was already at 34 F and there was no frost to be found…just ice cold wind from the north 🙂

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