Dangerous Curves

Surprisingly slick roads from rain & snow last year.


slippery curves loom

dark paths with hidden dangers

slip sliding along


Snowy roads after another surprise snow.


We’re predicted to have a winter mix of rain and snow later today. All too often we get rain that turns to snow as the temperature drops making for hazardous roads. I’m hoping for a few inches of snow to create some beautiful winter scenes. I love to walk, explore, and photograph in fresh snow. We’ll see if we get a winter wonderland or a slushy mess.

I took a stroll on this dark nighttime path.

Beware those curves!


64 thoughts on “Dangerous Curves

  1. Love the photos and poem Brad! The photos feel reflective of things on a wider scale too that everyone is navigating.. that balance between fear and delight, as you shared in your comment above. How one stays aware, but not frozen, while feeling out one step at a time.

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  2. Great pictures Brad. Glad you’re on foot not in the car and you have good non slip hiking boots Brad.
    Love your haiku.. I’ve just been landing on my butt too often and it’s not been the same fun as cardboard box sliding.

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  3. We had a snowfall like that yesterday. Today is gray and almost warm enough to start melting everything. I DO love the way the snow outlines everything, as your lovely photographs demonstrate so well… Not so wild about slippery sidewalks/roads and shoveling heavy, wet snow!

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  4. Oh, the twists and turns of life can sure be unexpected and hard to navigate. Great poem and stunning photos. I’m not sure I’d walk into the darkness of the final photo…those bushes look like they might swallow you up!

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  5. Freezing rain and slushing snow can be treacherous. But you have managed to capture some wonderful scenes… The black road in contrast to the snow..
    Reminds me of when we took our then four year old granddaughter for a sleigh ride one snowy day. We went to some nearby fields where we had to cross a stone small bridge over a shallow narrow river… She wanted to know why the water was black… And the place there after she always refers to it as remember when we went to black water? 🙂 Thank you for jogging that memory Brad…

    Sending LOVE and hugs my friend.. Keep warm and safe on those curves.. 🙂

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  6. Fresh snow is beautiful, Brad, and it’s so interesting how it tends to mute all colors into shades of white, black, and gray. We also tend to get a mix and lots of ice. It can make driving treacherous. I hope you get some snow and get to stay home an enjoy it. 🙂

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  7. Brad, those photos are gorgeous! The black and white is super cool. We are supposed to get snow here again, but it is blue sky and sun at the moment, so fingers crossed the weather person was in a joking mood when they said it! What kind of camera do you use?

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  8. Great opening shot, Brad ~ slip sliding into winter. Great use of language here, those beautiful curves can get the heart beating and then watch out… Like you, I also like the idea if it is going to snow, let it snow, so we have those beautiful winter scenes to shoot and get lost in. The peace of freshly fallen snow is inspiring as well. Hope the winter is not too harsh these days. Take care, and happy year of the rabbit!

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