ice, beauty, poetry

Frozen Beauty

Frozen Beauty ~ spirals of water  landscapes frozen in stillness moments of beauty ~   Like much of the country, Arkansas is having extremely cold temperatures. We had a high of 12′ on Tuesday with a nightly low of 1′! So I surrendered to the cold and went hunting for moments of frozen beauty. Lake Fayetteville…

sunset, fire, poetry

Light My Fire

Light My Fire ~ sunset tapestries radiant colors bursting light my inner fire ~ This sunset was an incredible show of colors dancing across the sky, demonstrating the majesty of nature. The colors and tones changed several times in a progression of beautiful light shows moving across the sky. May nature light your fire!

autumn colors, love, poetry

Leaf Love

Leaf Love ~ veins of autumn hues passion burning in my heart the color of love ~ serenade to a leaf your veins stir my passion surfaces ablaze with color burning in my heart oozing shades of orange the color of love

beauty, night, reflections

Moonlight Reflections

Moonlight Reflections ~ moonlight’s soft white glow dancing on silver waters waves of holy light ~ If you want more cosmic perspective, here is a fascinating video showing the scale of the earth relative to the known universe. Far out!