Fall, colors, poetry

Festive Fall

Festive Fall ~ creeks filled with color autumn declares her presence fall festival flows ~ Like a gentle creek, autumn has arrived slowly and quietly. Her sweetness flows into my heart with whispers of color, coolness, and peace. May her beauty warm your heart. Blessings, Brad  

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Beauty and the Bee

Beauty and the Bee ~ bright yellow flowers calling the bees to visit sweetness is buzzing ~ I stumbled onto this wonderful patch of yellow wildflowers while hiking along a creek near my mother’s house last month. I was surprised to see such a vivid display of flowers in late September. May your week be…

autumn, renewal, poetry

Autumn Renewal

Autumn Renewal ~ creeks flowing leaves falling spirits rising autumn revival ~ Autumn is finally showing her face. We had our first cool day and evening and I recently found these leaves on a hike in the woods. My body and spirit are ready for some renewal that autumn seems to bring me. How about…

Great Falls, poetry, falling

Flowing Forward

Flowing Forward ~ rivers carving rock eons of artistry flow Great Falls on display ~ We (the muse and I) are back from our trip east to see family. My brother, mom, and I had some good conversations and even looked at one senior residence. It helped mom get clear that she is still not…

summer, love, poetry

Summer Love

Summer Love ~ With summer winding down and the diminishing flowers around town, I’m feeling a sadness. Yes, I love autumn, but the explosion of flowers in spring and summer makes my heart sing. As a photographer and writer who relies on nature and flowers for much of my inspiration, I’ll have to dig deeper…

Boulder, CO, beauty, poetry

Boulder Beauty

Boulder Beauty   ~ sandstone formations primal eruptions in time sirens of the earth ~ These famous rock formations near Boulder Colorado are part of a larger geologic event along the Rocky Mountains called the Fountain Formation. They are part of a vast chain of sandstone that erupted from the earth about 290 million years ago, well…