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Shining Brightly

Shining Brightly dazzling dahlia shining brightly in the field warms my tender heart ~ This beautiful flower image was taken by my friend Gayle at the Dallas Arboretum. Her photo albums make me want to visit this gem of a garden filled with wildflowers, native plants, Japanese gardens, water features and more. Thanks for sharing the…

Mike Oblinkski, photography

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain ~ glorious sunsets monsoon storms and desert fires mountain magic thrives ~ This is another gorgeous photo from Mike Oblinski. Mike talks about the stunning beauty of this scene where nature mixed together a magic elixir of sunset colors, storm clouds, desert fires and exquisite timing. “The sky was on fire from a…

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Lichen Yew

Lichen Yew ~ fungus and algae symbiotic relations glowing in the sun ~ I love how this lichen is almost a neon color and glowing in the sunshine. It almost looks painted on the tree. Some people dislike lichen on trees and believe that it is a sign of poor tree health. The science I…

dreams, beach, poetry, love

Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams ~ thoughts like puffy clouds float on warm summer thermals refresh my spirit ~ waves, salt and sea breeze waft about my hungry soul feed my summer dreams ~ I am so grateful for my time at the beach this summer and visit with a friend. Her kind offer to stay at her home…

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Rainbow Dreams

Rainbow Dreams ~ rainbows of bright light fill my imagination visions of delight ~ I’m pretty pleased with this photo, especially since it was taken with my cellphone and the quality in low light was a concern. Sometimes imperfection is just fine or dare I say “perfect!” May rainbows color your world.