Mike Oblinkski, photography

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain ~ glorious sunsets monsoon storms and desert fires mountain magic thrives ~ This is another gorgeous photo from Mike Oblinski. Mike talks about the stunning beauty of this scene where nature mixed together a magic elixir of sunset colors, storm clouds, desert fires and exquisite timing. “The sky was on fire from a…

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Lichen Yew

Lichen Yew ~ fungus and algae symbiotic relations glowing in the sun ~ I love how this lichen is almost a neon color and glowing in the sunshine. It almost looks painted on the tree. Some people dislike lichen on trees and believe that it is a sign of poor tree health. The science I…

dreams, beach, poetry, love

Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams ~ thoughts like puffy clouds float on warm summer thermals refresh my spirit ~ waves, salt and sea breeze waft about my hungry soul feed my summer dreams ~ I am so grateful for my time at the beach this summer and visit with a friend. Her kind offer to stay at her home…

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Rainbow Dreams

Rainbow Dreams ~ rainbows of bright light fill my imagination visions of delight ~ I’m pretty pleased with this photo, especially since it was taken with my cellphone and the quality in low light was a concern. Sometimes imperfection is just fine or dare I say “perfect!” May rainbows color your world. 

Monsoon, Mike Oblinski

Monsoon Madness

Monsoon Madness ~ pressure drops winds reverse rains pour lightening strikes valleys flood nature speaks man listens balance restored ~ Thanks for another inspiring storm photo from Mike Oblinski. I’m in awe of his photography and willingness to chase storms like this monsoon in the Chiricahua Mountains of SE Arizona. Sometimes we need a kick in…

sunsets, silence

Sunset Silences

Sunset Silences No poem today, just pictures to express my gratitude for the wonderful sunsets and silence I’ve experienced on the White River. ~ May the silences whisper in your heart…