tulips, spring, poetry

A Parade of Colors

A Parade of Colors ~ dancing along the square flowers to delight the senses and mend broken fences spring is such a grand affair love filled with magic and flair we hold the joy in our hearts to brighten those darker parts thankful for a parade of colors ~ Advertisements

water, clean, poetry

Clear Waters

Clear Waters ~ crystal blue waters meander down the valley running clear and clean ~ This is another section of the Buffalo River where I went hiking recently and posted the poem about Steel Creek. We are very fortunate to have such a clean river running through much of our state. The Buffalo River was designated as…

Steel Creek, poetry

Steel Creek

Steel Creek ~ the grace of water shaping limestone bluffs in time steel creek river show ~ The Steel Creek bluffs on the Buffalo River are some of my favorite rock formations. Their majesty tugs at my heart and calls me back to visit time after time, just like how they were formed, one patient…

reflections, water, poetry

Golden Lights

Golden Lights ~ moonbeams and sunlight dance on ripples of water beacons for my heart ~ ~ I’ve always enjoyed the dancing of light over rippling water. It both soothes and mesmerizes me.  

water, flow, poetry

Flowing Waters

Flowing Waters ~ flowing waters sing beauty, power, and motion celebrate the flow ~ We recently had a week of rain, and now our rivers are flowing with joy and power. We really needed the water to refill our dry land, lakes, and rivers. There was so much rain, we even had some flash flooding. I’m…

peace, water, poetry

Peaceful Waters

Peaceful Waters ~  the sun fades away glowing over still waters peace fills the valley ~ This was a grand sunset over the White River where I lived briefly in 2016. Living with Steven on the lake was a wonderful opportunity to watch the sunsets as a routine to appreciate and give thanks for each…

Great Sand Dunes, poetry

The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time ~ layers of beauty sands from ancient seas dancing on grassy green fields watched by ancient mountain sentinels a feast for mind and spirit vistas expanding time and space the dance of eternity harks an ancient song painting the Great Sand Dunes  with layers of love and gratitude for life ~…