A Snowy Staycation

These snow-covered fields and hills are only a few blocks from my apartment.


rain, sleet, and snow

to the Ozark Mountains we go

winter drab becomes winter wonder

snow-covered fields to explore and plunder

browns contrasting with pure white

bring out the children and delight

sleds and snowmen quickly appear

bursting with heart-warming cheer


The pond in our apartment complex.

I received my wish for some winter snow. After starting with rain, the precipitation turned to wet snow that blanketed our streets and yards for a brief two days. Living in the south, schools were quickly closed and thankfully the VA Clinics followed suit to protect staff and patients. This meant I didn’t have to work and could enjoy a day exploring and playing in the snow. I have so many happy memories of playing in the snow as a child, making snowmen and snow angels, sledding on streets, snowball fighting, and even sledding behind cars. In those simpler, kinder days, we managed to be safe without so many rules and restrictions. We were free to roam and play.

A quaint house on the hillside.

Today we’re having another winter storm, this time sleet and snow with about 1-2″ accumulation expected. Last week we had 4-6″ of snow. I better be careful about wishing for more winter weather! Weather forecasting is a mercurial science even with computers and tons of data. It was much more so when my father was a metorologist using hand drawn charts! I wish I had paid more attention to weather and forecasting while my father was around. I hope mother nature will never be tamed or completely forecasted. Mystery and wonder go hand in hand. If we know everything that will happen, where is the joy of surprise?

The edge of the Ozark Mountains just a few blocks from my apartment.

May we keep our hearts alive with fickle weather, play, and mystery.


63 thoughts on “A Snowy Staycation

  1. “I better be careful about wishing for more winter weather!” That made me laugh, Brad. You can wish some snow on me though. πŸ™‚ And your poem is delightful. I loved the rhyme and how upbeat it was. Beautiful photos of your winter wonderland. ❀

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  2. These snowy captures are just so lovely Brad…there’s such a quaint and nostalgic essence to them. I’m happy you got your snow wish…but yeah, it goes to show you the power of your manifestation abilities hehe! I agree that the surprise element is so much more fun. I love experiencing Nature in the raw. Supports us to embrace each moment and exercise our resiliency. Thank you for the beautiful poem and wonderland windows!

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  3. Loved your poem Brad… Snow is so cleansing, and makes everything seem so fresh and clean… ( Until the slush sets in lol )
    So enjoyed your photos and, how wonderful your Dad used to be a meteorologist. I too hope weather can never truly be tamed.. Though I feel there are those dabbling in manipulating it..
    The computer models while often good, are never quite spot on …

    So pleased you had some time out to be playful and enjoy the snow…. And I am glad you got your wish, πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Sending Warm Hugs Brad..
    Sue ❀

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  4. Brad, I love your captures. They are so beautiful!!! I hear you though wishing for more…..it is so beautiful!! Growing up in the Midwest….always wish for less because it stayed what seemed like forever and got so bitter cold. Then our years in Denver, loved the snow as it usually melted in a few days just in time for the next snow. Certainly missed some snow in our 24 years in San Diego….but it would hit the nearby mountains. Having said all that….love it up hear in the Seattle area….snow in the mountains and they are stunning to look at. We did get a few inches before the holidays and it lasted about 2-3 days. I took some shots of that around our house….I just might share them on my next blog. Again…awesome post!!

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    • Thank you Kirt. You clearly understand what a treat snow is when living in areas that don’t have much. The Boulder/ Denver area was a perfect mix of snow, then warmer bright sunny days to melt it away. Enjoy those snow covered peaks like Mt. Rainer!

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  5. What wonderful fun you had with your dreamy poem Brad. I bet the children were thrilled to get out of school! I love your memories and gorgeous pictures.
    How cool your dad was a meteorologist. I’m with you here “I hope mother nature will never be tamed or completely forecasted. Mystery and wonder go hand in hand. If we know everything that will happen, where is the joy of surprise?” First off, they don’t always know and I love the wonder! ❀️

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  6. What a lovely poem, Brad. I really like the line ‘winter drab becomes winter wonder’. These views near your apartment are stunning, so much snow everywhere. That is interesting your father was a meteorologist. Following the weather is interesting, and the weather is something we have in common with those in our local community. I hope you got have a few more opportunities this winter to play with snow and feel like a kid again. Personally I am not a winter or cold season person, but I don’t mind admiring the snow from afar through your photos and words 😊

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    • Thank you Mabel. I’m glad you could enjoy my winter wonderland even if you don’t enjoy winter and cold. I don’t love the cold either, but dressing warmly helps. Yes, weather can be fascinating and very mercurial, at least in this part of the US. Cheers….


      • The kind of cold in your part of the world is very cold compared to where I am. The weather here in Melbourne is also very fascinating. Over here one moment it can be sunny and the next moment it can be much colder, windy and raining 😊

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  7. I’m glad you got to enjoy a snow day, Brad. When it snows here, everything comes to a screeching halt, as well. It’s beautiful and peaceful when falling and settling, but I’m always happy to see it melt after a few days! I’ve got a feeling the weather will forever remain a mystery and be full of surprises. Unexpected snowflakes are such a treat; they always make me momentarily feel like a kid again. Your words and photos, as usual, are gorgeous. ❄️❀️

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  8. Your last two photos, Brad, are poetic. Beautiful, peaceful ~ which is what I love about the winter landscapes and atmosphere. I hope the weather is still treating you kindly. There is something about being able to get out in the snow and weather; as you say, we can revert to the childlike joy we still hold inside. Simpler and kinder days, indeed. Take care and enjoy the winter days!

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