Thunder Sleet

Pretty and dangerous.


thunder and lightning

sleet pouring down from the sky

magical mayhem


Pretty in sleet.

The sleet looks pretty, but it’s treacherous and has shut us down for the last few days. The falling sleet left a blanket of ice, snow, and sleet on the ground, which froze into a giant crunchy and slippery surface, coating roads, trees, and power lines.

Ice follies.

This winter has been colder with more winter precipitation than I remember in all the years of living in Arkansas. We’ve had 4 winter storms in 2 months, which doesn’t seem like much to those of you living in colder climates, but it’s the most storms I remember since moving to Arkansas. As a courier, the weather impacts my job and this year has really impacted our service. The local VA clinic has closed the clinic and canceled our delivery routes 6 days so far. Last year it only happened once.

I don’t remember ever experiencing thunder sleet before. It’s very odd to be bitterly cold, with thunder booming, and sleet pouring down in a steady stream. It seems like some dystopian movie set, but apparently is a routine consequence of warm and cold fronts colliding. Updrafts occur during the collision, causing lightning and thunder. then the falling snow melts as it hits the warm air below, continues falling, then refreezes into sleet as it hits the cold air below. Hence thunder sleet, which sounds like the name for a bad heavy metal band.

May we embrace the magic and the mayhem.


80 thoughts on “Thunder Sleet

  1. Youโ€™re right Brad, it looks magical and pretty, almost otherworldly, but I imagine in reality itโ€™s dangerous and very impractical. Hope it all settles and thaws out soon. Take care out there. ๐Ÿ™

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  2. Wow, Brad. I’m sorry to hear how climate changes are affecting your area too. Even here, where sleet is not uncommon, we would agree that it’s both beautiful and dangerous. The photos are stunning, by the way. Stay safe.

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  3. yep, climate change is affecting everything…i’m with you on embracing the magick and mayhem. making the most of what we do have. beautiful photos, especially the ice follies! here’s a big warm hug for those frigid days! stay safe on the ice out there. i slipped a couple of years ago and tore my mcl. so i’m always super cautious and wear my crampons when possible.

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  4. Hi Brad,
    It is so beautiful, I love it! But I understand the inconvenience and danger also. This morning was not fun walking to work with the sidewalks still all icy.
    How is the apartment hunt going? Sending you good wishes.
    Be safe out there! Blessings! โ™ฅ

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  5. Those ice crystals do look pretty and magical. I remember having to ride my bicycle through such weather to school in the eighties – storm and wind, ice and sleet, frostbitten fingers, but we had to be in class by 07:50! Slipped and fell more than once. Yes, pretty and dangerous! Careful on those slippery streets!

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  6. I can only try and imagine – how beautiful this sounds and might look to the eyes, and yet what biting chill it would be to have to venture out, treacherous is a good word really. Glad to know you are safe and staying in. I like your concluding line – “May we embrace the magic and the mayhem.”

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  7. As dreamy and heavenly it looks, I am sure living in such conditions is no mean feat and will definitely come with its set of difficulty and constraints..yet hope you make the most of it… sending you some sunshine ๐ŸŒž

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  8. I don’t remember ever experiencing thunder sleet, Brad. I remember ice storms in New England, but it does seem surprising that they’re falling on Arkansas with such frequency. They’re beautiful but treacherous. And a pain in the neck when power goes out. I hope this is the last of it for you. Hugs.

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  9. Growing up in Oregon, we would get hit by ice-storms yearly. As a kid I loved them ๐Ÿ™‚ The beauty of such scenes shown has such beauty with so much hidden danger. I love the name ‘thunder sleet’ and I hope you have brighter and warmer days ahead for you. It started snowing here today… and makes me long for spring. Take care and enjoy the day and coming weekend, Brad.

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    • Thank you again Tracy. Yes, I also enjoy writing poetry based on my life, experiences, and feelings. I’ve been enjoying your poems and admire how many different paths you have tried in your life. And like you, writing helps me sort out my life.


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