dogwoods, spring, poetry

Dogwood Dilemma

Dogwood Dilemma ~ pink, white or cherry beauty in three sweet colors dogwood dilemma ~ I love dogwoods, maybe from growing up back east where they were a common tree in yards and the woods. Plus, I love the look of the blossoms. For many years, this was my lovely view of the neighbor’s property!…

spring, delight, poetry

Downtown Delights

Downtown Delights ~ springtime festivals nature delights our senses bursting with color ~ I took advantage of my day off to wander around downtown enjoying the signs of spring. The art features were a lovely complement to the colorful blossoms like in the photos below. Jason’s mural is full of color and joy with the…

Silly Salvation, poetry, play

Silly Salvation

Silly Salvation ~ we embrace and talk a moment to laugh and walk relief from the daily grind letting go of my fearful mind the stories don’t matter reduced to minor chatter thanks to a walk with thee my heart is full of glee ~ The gifts of friendship and laughter. This poem was inspired by…

Mike Oblinkski, photography

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain ~ glorious sunsets monsoon storms and desert fires mountain magic thrives ~ This is another gorgeous photo from Mike Oblinski. Mike talks about the stunning beauty of this scene where nature mixed together a magic elixir of sunset colors, storm clouds, desert fires and exquisite timing. “The sky was on fire from a…

snow, poetry, grace

The Grace of Snow

The Grace of Snow ~ a blanket of white soothes and calms my soul with the purity of love comes a fresh adventure ~ the grace of snow brings my spirit home body and mind united refreshed and ready to love ~ We had a brief and surprise dusting of snow Saturday afternoon. It was…

Sunset, storms, tornado, poetry

Storm Watch

Storm Watch ~ sunset glowing clouds building winds howling storms brewing news watching nerves twitching life in tornado alley ~ I am very grateful that yet again we had a miss on a tornado moving through the region. NW Arkansas is just east of what is referred to as “tornado alley” for the high number…

Crocus, spring, poetry

Calling the Crocus

Calling the Crocus ~ mysterious guests perennial purple pods blossoming with joy ~ I just learned that crocus is a perennial flower related to the iris family. I’ve always enjoyed these beautiful little flowers that pop up in surprise places. One home I rented had a front yard full of fall crocus, which blanketed the front…

beauty, love, ice, poetry

Ice Dreams

Ice Dreams ~ your beauty sparkles shimmering frozen crystals icicles of love ~ This is another beautiful image from Eva Marschan-Hayes. Thank you for sharing your art and inspiring my dreams.      

poetry, love, roses

Love Beads

Love Beads ~ waterdrops caress soft petals oozing with life water becomes love ~ a rose filled with love sensual petals glowing my heart dreams of you