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Heart Strings

Heart Strings ~ lush rose petals glow garden bounty in full bloom tugging on my heart ~ This is a photo from the gardens I planted at the last home I owned. Since I sold that house, I haven’t had gardens of my own to grow and nurture. Sometimes I’ve helped tend my landlord’s gardens,…

turtle island

Turtle Island

Turtle Island ~ peace be upon you brothers and sisters unite leave your hatred and prejudices behind no race or species better than another may we remember our true nature we’re one family united in time walking gently upon Turtle Island ~   I’ve been having turtles visit my back yard almost daily. I’d like…

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Our Muses

Our Muses ~ muses a writer’s friend sometimes their woeful bain creators of inspiration and pain   fickle creative bursts amazing talents flow stumbling blocks when hiding out flighty   zany so full of life writer’s creative fuel zesty feelings and ideas juicy   soulful heartfelt musings inspiration and flow vivid dreams, imagination fancy  …

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Green Goodness

Green Goodness ~ looking up I felt protected sheltered by a canopy of green glowing with light and vitality yet also tranquil like a still lake soothing to my mind and soul a moment of green goodness ~

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Elementals #7

Elementals #7   ~ a walk in the park communing with bees and plants starstruck lovers swoon ~ I’m reviving my Elementals Series as a simple and fun way to share my love for nature. Especially in this time of corona madness, I’m grateful for a scenic yard, woodsy neighborhood, and easy access to nature.…

The Corona Blues

The Corona Blues ~ I’ve got the Corona Blues shanghaied from food to sanitizing crews each day is all work and no flow shoppers, shoppers, everywhere I go clean, disinfect, and spray at Walmart stores each day spray, wipe, and dry never mind the chemical high shuffle, bend, and repeat germs and viruses we must…