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Journeys ~ time marches on we journey forward sometimes riding high other times stumbling the clouds keep drifting and planets circle the sky our task is to peddle onward mindful of the beauty along the way ~ May your journey be full of beauty and love.  

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Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections ~ reflected beauty autumn colors softly glow with the touch of love ~   sunset washes over the lake a quiet stillness fills the air time slows as nature settles autumn colors glowing birds settle into night nests ripples of beauty touch the sky peace fills my mind and heart ~ The top…

Loving Practices

Originally posted on writing to freedom:
The truth of who we are is love. Can you feel it? Unfortunately, too few of us embody this great truth.  Even if we know it mentally, how do we feel love, radiate love, and act from love? We are bombareded with messages to do something or buy something in…

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Spirals of Gratitude

Spirals of Gratitude ~ mandalas of love celebrating the season  Happy Thanksgiving ~ Julie at Rambling from Jewels reminded me of the circular nature of gratitude, with waves coming and going. We may not be able to feel gratitude all the time, but we can feed it with mindful acts like writing, or in her…

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Soulful Waters

Soulful Waters ~ autumn reflections sweet waters to calm your mind bridges to the soul ~ Being near water always soothes my soul, whether a river, lake or ocean. Then add the extra beauty of fall colors, reflections on water, and something magical happens. The colors this year have been extra vivid, bringing out the…