Mike Oblinski photography

Southwest Storms

Southwest Storms ~ summoning great force winds surge over the desert time to find shelter ~ I was inspired by another great storm photo by Mike Oblinski. His photography is beautiful, and inspires me to get better equipment and take a storm chasing trip to see what I could capture. Or maybe I’ll just visit…

shadows, sunset, poetry


Shadows ~ daytime dreams fading shadows overtake the light commencement of night ~ turn toward your soul seek the inner visions’ light whispers from the muse        

lillies, love, poetry

Lovely Lilies

Lovely Lilies ~ bright luscious lilies sentinels in the garden calling to my heart ~ I dedicate this post to my mother who instilled a love of nature and gardens. Happy Mother’s Day!  

Savy Sentinels

Savy Sentinels ~ the hunt has begun stillness as the master’s tool bounty the reward ~ I love watching herons. Sometimes they won’t let me get near, but other times they seem so intent on their own hunt that they allow me closer access for taking photos. Thankfully, this one cooperated with me on my bike…

Raging Rivers, poetry

Raging Rivers

Raging Rivers ~ raging rivers flow bursting with latent power will not be tamed ~ We’ve experienced record-setting levels of rain over the last week, dumping about 9″ of rain in 24 hours over much of NW Arkansas and SW Missouri. This photo was taken at Tanyard Creek, usually a mellow stream. Rivers, creeks, and…

mountains, poetry,

Mountain Melodies

Mountain Melodies ~ lush valley vistas earth and sky harmonizing mountain melodies ~ #NaPoWriMo day 27 ~ I took this photo at Devil’s Den State Park, named for its cave system. This photo is from the top of Yellow Rock, one of the many limestone formations that surround the lush valley divided by Lee Creek.…