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Bashful Briar

Bashful Briar ~ sensitive briars whose leaflets quake at your touch tender connections ~ Yes, this beauty really is the blossom of a plant called the Sensitive Briar (Mimosa microphylla). The smooth-leaf Sensitive-briar is a member of the pea family with leaflets that are sensitive to touch and fold up upon contact, at night, or during…

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Prairie Clover

Prairie Clover ~ purple clovers glow a passion magnet for bees nature’s dance of love ~ We’re lucky to have Joe Neal as a local resource for identifying birds, flowers, and prairies in the Ozarks. Joe has been sharing his love for nature for the last 40 years, first working for the Forest Service, and…

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods ~ sandstone sentinels guarding the desert valley watching over time ~ The red sandstone formations stand as sentinels in the valley, watching over man and earth. Walking through the Garden of the Gods park near Colorado Springs, CO is like walking through an alien landscape, foreign yet fascinating. The second photo…

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Puffs of Love

Puffs of Love ~ white puffballs of love silken tendrils glimmering swaying in the sun ~ I have no idea what these plants are. I discovered them growing in a field near work and fell in love with their soft fuzzy tops, similar to a dandelion top, but the plants stand almost 3′ tall. Enjoy!…

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Windows of Love

Windows of Love ~ vases full of love glow quietly in the light windows to the soul ~ This photo is the view from my mother’s living room. I love how the colored vases glow and reflect the views. The image reminds me of all the love my mother has showered on her home and…

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Birthday Blessings

Birthday Blessings ~ pistols on alert silken petals call softly sweet whispers of love ~ The lilies are back in full bloom, glowing with vitality and stirring my passion just in time for my birthday. I turn 60 today and am not sure how I feel about it. Thankfully, I have my health and passions…

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Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis ~ desert oasis  sweet treasures among parched lands  beauty wakes the soul ~ This lovely photo by my friend Gayle Fetick inspired a poem about the hidden beauty of the desert. The world contains so much beauty if we look for it. May beauty grace you this week. Blessings, Brad

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Flower Power

Flower Power ~ pistils of desire waving petals of passion  beauty lights my fire ~ I’m off to visit my mother and brother in Virginia with limited access to the internet, so I’ll be away from the blog for a couple of weeks. I’m excited to see family, and then start another new job when…

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Eye of The Tiger

Eye of The Tiger ~ beware the tiger the eye of beauty beckons lost in your allure ~ Yes, These beauties are called Eye of The Tiger Dutch Irises which are known for their brilliant colors and markings. No matter what we call them, I love the colors and markings on the inner blossom. Beware…