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The Day After Christmas

The Day After Christmas ~ mind and body are weary life has become rather dreary no joyful dancers no playful prancers just a solitary life full of struggle and strife ~ if I haven’t spoiled the day let’s get out and survey time for a bigger view with choices made anew for 2018 my wish…

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Moka Madness

Moka Madness I have sad news to report. After going missing, Muse Brad has been found, but he’s in bad shape.  After a series of breakdowns, attacks, escapes, and affairs, Muse Brad has contracted a new strain of fever called Moka Madness. He can’t eat, sleep, or do anything except think of the divine Moka…

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Fleeting Freedom

Fleeting Freedom The Fourth of July and patriotism stir up my feelings about this country and the way we are headed. I would love to see a more inclusive country that embraces the ideals upon which it was founded. Here’s a lovely video that speaks to that idea. Can we have freedom in a healthy,…

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The Path of Service

The path of service seems to be calling.  My mother’s health continues to decline and I want to help her. I’ve offered to move back to the Northern Virginia and help her take care of the house, daily living, yard work, etc. The challenge for me is how to support myself in a very expense…

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The Messy Truth

The Messy Truth Routinely, I struggle with depression, confusion, and overwhelm. Many weeks it’s hard as heck to write an uplifting post when my life is falling apart as it has been for 6 years. I hold back on expressing my feelings because I want this blog to be a place of inspiration, connection, and…

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Poetry Collaboration- When Dreams Fade Away

When Dreams Fall Away Neha of Forgotten Meadows has started another poetry collaborative. This time she asked us to write a poem based on the prompt “When Dreams Fade Away.” As I slipped into quiet reflection, my muse felt the magic of dreams and their fading as we enter our daytime routines. My offering is below.…

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Dancing with the Wind

Dancing with the Wind ~ energy in flux feelings swirling and twirling dancing with the wind ~ I’ve been feeling unsettled the last few days. Nothing obvious is going on in my life, but I’m aware of the blustery wind and how it matches and stirs up my feelings. I’m dancing with the energy, attempting…


What the World Needs Now – Peace

What the World Needs Now is Peace, Love and Compassion! Will you join me in the #PeaceChallenge? My response to the tension in the world is to offer more peace in my thoughts, words and actions. This challenge is for anyone who wants to help reduce the tension and bring more peace into the world.…

sideways shuffle

Sideways Shuffle

Sideways Shuffle I’ve been doing the sideways shuffle for a long time. In case you’re not familiar with this silly dance, grab a partner and prepare to boogie! Here’s my version of the sideways shuffle. ~ Shuffle to the right. Shuffle to the left. Slide step right. Slide step left. Hop, spin around and repeat…

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ARC Challenge – Day 3

ARC Challenge – Day 3 I’m participating in a 7-day challenge called the ARC Challenge held by Jesse Elder. A friend introduced me and invited me to join. In just a couple of days, I’ve experienced a lot of resistance to Jesse and his challenges. I guess that’s a good sign! Yesterday, he asked us…