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Crystalline Moments

Crystalline Moments ~ a beautiful dream frozen in time thoughts crystallized in spirals of wonder lattices for languid love waiting on spring’s song ~ #melancholy musings, #winterwonder  

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Crystalline Dreams

Crystalline Dreams   ~ snow beauty white portraits crystalline dreams winter wonderland birds, berries, buds, and snow nature playing with contrasts a delicate dusting of white beautiful visions dance in my heart gratitude for nature’s snowy surprise ~ We finally had some snow here in NW Arkansas! We haven’t had more than a dusting in…

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Winter Reflections

Winter Reflections ~ a moment of grace trees floating on smooth waters winter reflections ~ I finally took some time to nurture myself in nature on Christmas afternoon. While most of the world was busy with family and celebration, I soaked up the beauty and peaceful vibes of nature. My body and mind were refreshed,…

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Snow Dancer

Snow Dancer ~ graceful snow dancer poised to leap into the night fills me with delight ~ We’ve had almost no snow this year with mostly warmer temperatures and a couple of very light dustings. Although I prefer warmer weather, I’ve always liked snow for how it makes me feel like a kid. I have…

poetry, winter, reflections

Winter Reflections

Remembering to honor the season, even though I’m wanting warmer weather and new vistas. Like nature, everything has a season. Mine is the time for reflection while I incubate the next steps in my life.  Winter Reflections reflecting on my wintery space the muse asks if I’m flourishing I find neither pain, nor joy not…