Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

winter, wonder



winter, wonderwinter, wonder


the weather outside is frightful

my lovers lips are so delightful

our kisses ignite a torrid fever

waking the mystic dream weaver



Yesterday, I woke up to a winter storm warning in addition to the coldest temps in nearly a century! The temperatures are in Fahrenheit. And today we’re expected to have another snow storm with 6-8″. So rather than complain about it or post on Facebook like many of my friends, I decided to embrace it if only in my imagination. Actually, I’ve been outside walking, photographing, shoveling snow, and generally enjoying the cold in brief spells. Then I retreat to my warm, cozy, and safe home. I am very grateful for having a warm and safe shelter. Sadly, there are many people who don’t due to homelessness, eviction, illness, or weather related challenges like power outages and frozen equipment.

Light your fire and embrace the life you have.


81 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Beautiful poem, Brad. All the more reason to stay cozy inside. You remind me of gratitude, today and always. A dumping of snow around here the past few days. Also, photographing, walking, shovelling (thanks to my husband). Thank you for a great reminder to embrace the life we have.

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  2. Excellent post. Yes time to embrace the life we have.
    Those of us who have a safe warm home to retreat to are indeed very fortunate. We had a visit from the Beast from the East a week ago and now it’s very mild.
    The words of the song are very uplifting:). Stay safe and warm. Janet :)X

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  3. Sadly your weather sounds very familiar to where I am hunkered down in VT….Very cold and snow day after day. I’ve never wanted to see spring more than this year. So ready for warmth and color and birdsong to return. Stay warm and stay safe Brad….It won’t be much longer. I HOPE! VK πŸ™‚

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  4. I love this Brad!! I like your attitude about the cold, too, because sometimes my winter attitude plunges with the temps. But instead, I’m going to try “waking the mystic dream weaver.” What a perfect wonderful line!

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  5. We are fortunate indeed, Brad, to have warm, safe homes. with so many relatives in the US, I spent a lot of time worrying/praying/checking in with those on the west coast during the fires, and now I’m doing the same with those in other states who were without power and heat. Things are stable right now.
    Stay safe and well, and enjoy the snow!

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  6. Those temps were normal for Vermont, where I lived for years, Brad, but my heart goes out to anyone unprepared. The situation is devastating for so many. I’m glad you have a warm place and therefore can enjoy the delights of deep winter in small doses. That blue sky isn’t too shabby at all. Lovely poem. ❀

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  7. This is a fantastic post with beautiful pics , lovely lines and offcourse spreading awareness for others. Thanks for such an excellent post Brad.

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