Awesome Stories 306 – Valentine’s Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since I wasn’t inspired to write something new, I wanted to share this post and reminders for love. May we continue to expand our circles of love.
blessings, Brad

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you love stories, self-love, love without labels, and roses.


roses. valentine's day

Roses represent love on so many levels, bridging gaps in age, gender, race, history, and religion. Maybe we shouldΒ create a National Rose Day. πŸ™‚ They have a rich history of symbolism, representing everything from purity to love, passion, fertility, death, resurrection, and silence. In modern celebrations, roses are the go-to choice for expressing our love and appreciation. Roses are loved by gardeners for their elegant petals and sweet aromas. And many poets, myself included, have written endless poems about love and roses. Here is one of my first love poems called Ode to Roses.  ❀

A Human Love Story

Sharing our love story becomes the first step in reclaiming the discourse about how we view ourselves, our place in society, and how we want our communities and society to be shaped. ~ Matt…

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45 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 306 – Valentine’s Edition

  1. Happy Belated Valentines Day, Brad! What a sweet post. Roses are indeed special. They show up at unexpected times in my life, right when I need it. Kind of like a reminder that the greatest love story is that of our relationship to our self. πŸ™‚

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