Ode to Roses

Ode to RosesOde to Roses

This was my first poetry attempt as an adult. This is actually the 3rd version. The first is gone with the wind. The second was recently on my musings page and now reborn here to continue my joy of writing and sharing poetry.

I originally wrote this piece about 18 years ago while camping in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Those times living and camping in CO bring back such good memories. They were some of the peak times in my life, while I was exploring new worlds within and without. Thank you Colorado, thank you nature, thank you VW camper. I miss you!

I wrote this poem during a day of creativity sparked by the ideas and processes found in the book, Wild Heart Dancing by Elliot Sobel. If you need a boost of creativity or are just learning to allow the inner muse expression, I highly recommend this fun and helpful book.

I waffled back and forth over whether to call this a poem or ode. I settled on ode because I like the idea of celebrating roses as implied by the term ode.* I love their aroma, form and beauty, however temporal and fleeting. Enjoy!

Ode to Roses


Aroma of the gods, oozing passion and beauty

Wafting through my body and senses

Touched, uplifted and transformed in an instant

The joy, like the aroma, has come and gone

Drifting on with the winds of time

Did I smell that, did I feel that, was it real? 

Oh, silly mind games

Remember the feeling, remember your heart

The gift has been given, the message received

We are united in beauty

Eternally one

Free of mind, fear and separation

Return home to love on my sweet aroma

… muse brad



* From Ruth Nix of Demand Media, “An ode is a poetic form that’s best described as a song or poem written in praise or celebration of an object, a place or an experience. Generally speaking, the ode is the go-to form for those who wish to offer tribute to something or someone that, in the moment, is no longer present.”


14 thoughts on “Ode to Roses

  1. “…Remember the feeling, remember your heart…” That tugs! I know that Colorado space. It’s only a few hours drive from where I live. I get your ‘longing’ for time spent there. This ode is beautiful, Brad. I wish I had your expressive talent. Thanks for choosing to reprise and share the piece.


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