A Season of Love

A Season of Lovelove, St. Valentine's Day


lush petals dripping

awakening hungry senses

a convoy of enticing aromas

wafting through my body

the goddess of romance beckons

with trepidation, I heed the siren call

venturing forth in a season of love


Valentine’s Day is the traditional day to celebrate love in the US. Even being single, I enjoy the feeling of love and romance that permeates the holiday. Seeing all the flowers stirs my quiet heart. And as I practice more self-love, I’m able to celebrate and enjoy love in all its forms. For me, Valentine’s symbolizes the season of love, awakening my mind and body, reminding me that spring and nature’s rebirth are on the way. Soon, fields, yards, and gardens will be sprouting new buds, flowers, and joy!

May your week be full of love. Happy Valentine’s Day!


62 thoughts on “A Season of Love

  1. Beautiful picture accompanied by such beautiful words, this post is full of warmth☺️ Honestly, I believe in celebrating Love every single day. However, since it’s more like a ritual now been there for so many years, it’s a good feeling to dedicate a day. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones.
    Take Care.

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