The Muse Before Christmas


The muse before Christmas.


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the night

not a paper or pen was stirring, my muse was nowhere in sight

the inspiration to write was missing along with poor Rudolph

it seems my temperamental muse would rather be playing golf

neither dinner nor treats had any effect on his attitude

you’d think his lord might muster up some gratitude

no amount of begging or pleading could make him budge

he wouldn’t even grace us with his presence for a plate of fudge


The old-fashioned figures from my mother’s family.


while the fire roared, the computer hummed, and readers waited

the gang was growing more anxious and aggravated

it appears we must summon our last resort; Moka Chino

my muse is starstruck by this goddess of coffee fino

tales of Christmas romance to light this writer’s fuse

with kissing under the mistletoe and presents to choose

they pranced down the hall as I awoke with a fright

this home seems ready for a grand Christmas night


My cozy and simple living room.


Christmas cheers to you and yours,

from Muse Brad and the gang


75 thoughts on “The Muse Before Christmas

  1. What a super fun extravaganza poem you and your Muse whipped up! Made me giggle and in anticipation of what’s to come for you both! Great photos – the one of you was perfect! Hehe! Love your cozy little gnome home and vintage decorations from mom. Sending warmest holiday wishes, love, peace, joy, and all the fuzzies!

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  2. Magnificent Christmas cheer laughter poem… your muse is for sure playing incognito πŸ₯Έ Your there all along, in all weather and simplicity❀️ Love your cosy home, I’m sure you’re in for one great time. Ho ho ho… merry Christmas πŸŽ„ to you Brad, much love x

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  3. Loved your poetic Muse dear Brad… and loved those figurines too… Looks really cosy and all trimmed up…
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas Brad…. Lots of love for a Magical Christmas…
    Hugs Sue ❀ βœ¨πŸŽ„βœ¨πŸŽ…πŸŽ

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  4. Thank you dear friend. I’m glad we could share a joyful moment for the holidays. Maybe this will be a year of sprouting new growth for both of us. You deserve good things too Tanya. Huge Holiday Hugs! πŸŽ„β£οΈβ›„


  5. Nothing like a little playful poetry with a muse to get into the holiday spirit ~ this was fun to read and great to see your creative side is flourishing. Great photos, a holiday oasis to end ’22 and bring in something special in ’23. Wish you a fine start to the New Year. Take care ~

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  6. Thank you for inviting us inside your world Brad! My hope for the world in 2023 is more joy, fun, and laughter and your post and blog underscores this vision. Your smile and Santa hat is so captivating. And so are your words. Grateful for you! Wishing you a magical start to 2023. Andrea

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