Spring Fling 3

Spring Fling 3

spring, love, poetry


your beauty a siren song

I fling myself at your tender buds

lost in alluring aromas

heady scents cling to my body

my senses burst open

filled with the scent of lust

I surrender to your charms


Spring continues to astound and delight me with her festive displays. New life is bursting from the trees, plants, and grasses while the birds and I sing with joy. #NaPoMo

May you catch her fever. Happy Spring!


27 thoughts on “Spring Fling 3

  1. I think you capture the magic of spring and the feelings we have when nature opens up her beauty to us all, Brad, with this poem and post. Perfect cadence and passion with the words and a photo to match. Cheers to a good day.

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