Bumblebee Bliss

Bumblebee Bliss ~ bright yellow sirens calling the bees to come feast on liquid sunshine ~ Fellow blogger Yeka, from IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE blog, wrote a fun post today about perspective. It reminded me, in a fun way, that we have the power of perspective in choosing how to approach each new day. I’m…

Awesome Stories 392

This week Awesome Stories brings you the power and passion of flowers. Flower Power Flowers bring me endless joy. Just like a bee, I am drawn to the beauty and smells of flowers. Bees and flowering plants have a mutual relationship where both species benefit. Most of us know that flowers depend on bees for…

Silken Treasures

Silken Treasures ~ silken petals inviting me inward following the velvety curves my heart warms and begins to hum enjoying your delicate treasures  I find the core of peace home at last ~

Lover’s Lips

Lover’s Lips ~ her lips open wide soft tendrils teasing alluring charms on display inviting his fervent love sowing seeds of passion  primal urges satiated for new life to emerge the dance of creation ~

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Soul Spaces 111- Nature

Soul Spaces 111 – Nature Nature has been my go-to place and way to nurture my soul ever since my 30s. During my early thirties, I was fortunate to have the time, money, and health to travel the country in a VW camper visiting National Parks. The two summers I spent hiking and camping in…

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Flower Lover

Flower Lover ~ roses are red violets are blue my garden is dead and I’m missing you ~ grand feasts for my eyes memories of former glories flowers, buds, and butterflies alive with grand stories ~ with your spring arrival come water, magic, and light nature’s colors gone viral I shall revel in delight ~…

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Perennial Rockets

Perennial Rockets   yellow coneflowers setting the prairie aglow rockets of desire ~ The Yellow Praire Coneflower is a native of the Great Plains which can reach heights of 5 feet. The cheerful petals that sweep backward from the center cone bloom from May to September. This is another stunning image taken by my friend Gayle…