Awesome Stories 366

This week Awesome Stories brings you bionic drumming, compassionate care, and healing waters.

Driven by CompassionGazi, Awesome Stories

Gazi Jalaluddin grew up with extreme poverty, where he and his family often didn’t have enough to eat or money to go to school like many of his fellow villagers. Gazi started pulling rickshaws at 13, and later learned to drive a taxi. Knowing the challenges of poverty, he always wanted to help his fellow villagers so he starting teaching others how to drive for free only asking that they give back 5% when they started earning money. But his hunger to help others was never satisfied, so he started a simple two-room school to teach young children. This too wasn’t enough, so he found the will and donors to buy land and build a bigger 12 room school to serve more students. Gazi’s passion and dedication continue to inspire others in his village. Now they’ve built Sundarban Orphanage Mission to house, feed, and teach local orphans. Maybe one day Gazi will rest, but not yet for this taxi driver who runs two schools and an orphanage.

Bionic Drumming

Jason Barnes has become an inspiration for others with disabilities or challenges in their lives. After losing his right hand in a freak transformer explosion, he went into a deep depression over losing his arm and ability to play drums. But then he decided to try playing with a drumstick taped to his bandage and everything changed. His joy of playing helped him overcome the pain of his injury. With time and practice, Jason honed his skills and started playing in gigs where besides the joy of playing, he became a role model for overcoming challenges. Since then, he has been fitted with fancy prosthetics and partnered with professor Gil Weinberg of Georgia Tech doing leading-edge research on bionics. They’ve created bionic hands that can respond to Jason’s brain signals and see a future where prosthetics will improve people’s capabilities.

Healing Waters

By now, most of us know the importance of water to life for humans and the planet. This video offers a poignant reminder about the healing nature of water and the importance of trees and watersheds to protect, filter, and hold water. In fact, scientists are now realizing that trees don’t simply collect and hold water, they can also release water, contributing to rain, wind, and weather patterns! In an effort to encourage planting trees and protect water, India has created this lovely video called the Story of Kaveri, as told by the river herself.

May your week be full of compassion, creativity, and healing waters. 


19 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 366

  1. Both these stories are too good n inspiring.. I love that you do write about true real heroes who are actually needa get highlighted which you are already doing by your writing.. awesome. Kp writing.. and that release of water by plant which you had mentioned, is known as transpiration.. its an automated process in plant.. I like that you had mentioned some science in later part👍 keep writing..

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    • Thanks for visiting and sharing. I’m glad you enjoyed this week’s mix of stories. I share them with the intention to inspire and empower others to find and live their passions and purpose. blessings, Brad


  2. A taxi driver who runs two schools and an orphanage. Wow. Now I have something to aspire to! LOL. That’s incredibly inspiring. And the bionic arm. You see…it is with a change in perspective that we realize that our challenges can become our greatest blessings. Thank you as always for your awesome stories. 🙂

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  3. Ah! Yes, Brad. So timely for me. I am into my journey of honoring water, and believing in it’s life sustaining and healing properties. I have been very aware of how much I drink in a day…it has not been easy. But this awareness makes me realize that I was REALLY DEHYDRATED!! I did not drink nearly enough water most of my life!!
    Hope Sunday feels good to you!

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  4. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:
    Sharing three awesome stories from Brad at “Writing to Freedom.” The article about trees making rain in the Amazon explains that “in transpiration, plants simply suck water out of the soil and push it into the air…” Not only do the Amazon trees make rain clouds, but they contribute to air patterns that bring rain clouds from the ocean. It’s a perfectly designed system that we should do everything in our power to maintain, not just in the Amazon, but in forests everywhere.

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  5. These were wonderful stories Brad.
    I loved the fact that Gazi’s enthusiasm for sharing just grew and grew.. An amazing man, a true Earth Angel who understands the importance of Giving and serving others.

    I have come across the Bionic drummer before and find him amazing.. 🙂 Showing us all how to overcome, and that when we who moan, have nothing which to moan about.. ❤

    Have a wonderful week Brad and thank you for sharing again such inspiring stories xx

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