Colorful Canyons

Colorful Canyons ~ wildflowers explode canyons alive with color super bloom display ~ This image warms my heart and brings a smile to my being. It’s a beautiful image captured by Linda Wright at Walker Canyon, California this spring during the unusually colorful spring flower display called a super bloom. A super bloom is a…

Lover’s Lips

Lover’s Lips ~ her lips open wide soft tendrils teasing alluring charms on display inviting his fervent love sowing seeds of passionĀ  primal urges satiated for new life to emerge the dance of creation ~

Blue Bonnet Bliss

Blue Bonnet Bliss ~ fields of bluebonnets blossoms dancing in the sun acres of blue blissĀ  ~ I love these images from my friend Gayle with contrasting layers of color; bluebonnets, red indian paintbrush, green grass, yellow flowers, brown fields, and blue skies. Layers of goodness to warm my heart. One day, I’m going to…

Tulip Parade

Tulip Parade ~ bright petals glowing a carousel of colors tulips on parade ~ The tulips are in full bloom around town. They’re a favorite for home and public gardens due to their brilliant colors and early blooms. Our downtown streets and square are filled with a parade of bright tulip blossoms announcing the arrival…

spring, poetry

Feeling the Fever

Feeling the Fever ~ dancing with color her canvas bursting with life feeling the fever ~ This painting by Vera Komnig really stirs my soul. It dances with color and vibrancy that leaps off the image and is appropriately called Spring Fever! You can explore more of Vera’s wonderful art on her website. Happy Spring…

cherry blossoms, spring

Downtown Delights

Downtown Delights ~ cherry buds bursting soft pink blossoms are glowing a dazzling sight ~   The cherry blossoms were in full bloom this week. Walking around our historic downtown square, I was in pure delight enjoying their delicate color and aroma. Multiple cherry trees at each corner of the square were in peak spring…

poetry, spring

Spring Fever

Spring Fever ~ great balls of satire fields filled with dirt and mire the flowers such a sorry sight weary to all but a sprite trees laden with mushy buds from spring rain and floods may the farce be with you calling spring fever to ensue ~

spring, sing, poetry

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine ~ fading frost and cold birds announce their sheer delight farewell to winter early flowers bursting forth marks the season of rebirth ~ This is my entry for Colleen’s latest #Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge. The idea is to create a poem (in any form) using synonyms for the two words Spring and Sing.…