¡Viva El Baile!

¡Viva El Baile!


feel the passiondancing, poetry

embrace the thrill

become the rhythm

and move your feet

entangle your partner

flow with the music

awaken your spirit

long live the dance


Viva la España. 


This post is my fun tribute and response to Brooke’s tribute to Sevilla, Spain. Reading Brooke’s post brought back fun associations with learning Spanish and a hidden desire to immerse myself in Spanish culture. I love the sensuality of Flamenco guitar and dancing but have never joined the party. My imagination was stirred by Brooke’s description of the spring transformation during the Feria de Abril into a fantasy of colors, sounds, and smells like the orange blossoms. I’d love to experience that treat for the senses. Maybe a trip and dance lessons are in order! For now, I’ll dance in my imagination, flirting with the Spanish ladies, while absorbing the exotic sights and smells.

Here are some street scenes from the Feria de Abril by Alvaro Rodriguez Galan.

May you feel the dance and allow it to move your spirit.


24 thoughts on “¡Viva El Baile!

  1. That makes my heart happy more than you know! Flamenco is one of the most passionate, moving traditions I’ve experienced. I’m so glad you got inspired to dream a little…that’s the first step in getting there. And I so love that you shared Alvaro’s link. He’s extremely talented and a very kind soul. (actually Oscar’s brother-in-law). Un abrazo fuerte. ;o)

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  2. Wow, your words and rhythm of your poem speak clearly of your passion for both culture and dance, Brad. Beautiful ~ and it looks like your Spanish Muse has arrived and is speaking to you in perfect Spanish. Now all you have to do is refocus the energy and your Spanish skills to understand her 🙂 Also, I initially thought that was you in the photo with the dancer…and perhaps it will be in the future 🙂 Cheers ~

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  3. Such powerful words and descriptions. I’m a huge fan of flamenco, based here in Seville. I love the passion of the dancers and singers. It’s truly a pleasure to live here and watch.

    I don’t get out so much to watch live flamenco, two small kids to bring up, but I always have it on in the background when I write. I’m currently working on a sequel to a novel I wrote set in Seville. There’s a strong presence of flamenco. Have a look at my blog if you’re interested. You can read the first 4 chapters free.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Barry O’Leary


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