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Lilac Love

Lilac Love ~ aromas wafting through my senses transported to another realm flowers become love and life becomes sweet nectar of the Gods ~ #NaPoWriMo day 17 Lilac blossoms are one of my favorite aromas, along with roses, and mimosas. When I don’t have flowers, I also love the smell of essential oils. I hope…

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The Sovereignty of Love

The Sovereignty of Love As we harmonize our daily life with love, we come to know our self as the consciousness of love. This is self-love. This is sovereignty. ~ Alaya DeNoyelles The phrase, the sovereignty of love, came to me in meditation yesterday. I had the understanding that as we align with love and allow…

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Love Beads

Love Beads ~ waterdrops caress soft petals oozing with life water becomes love ~ a rose filled with love sensual petals glowing my heart dreams of you  

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Calling Cupid

Calling Cupid ~ this boy is ready for romance happy feet itching to dance ready for rock, roll, or swing or maybe two-step is your thing ~ dance into these tender arms surrendering to the charms with promises to nurture your heart giving romance a joyful start ~ Once again I’ve enjoyed letting my imagination…

Whatever Arises Love That

Love Whatever Arises

Love Whatever Arises ~ I’ve been humbled again. It is beyond understanding how I can sit and watch my life savings evaporate and do nothing. This is the third time that I have allowed my life savings to disappear while invested in falling stocks. Logic would suggest taking action sooner to stop the losses. I…

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Tender Hearts

Tender Hearts ~ beaten bruised and weary your tender heart is calling love asks for our surrender we may be called to give greatly releasing our ideas, comforts, and attachments love will trim and prune like a gardener removing what isn’t necessary making room for new growth to have more peace in life surrender and open…

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Open to Love

Open to Love Love does not find you, nor do you find love. Love is ever present…When you are willing to open, to risk, to adventure, to live with authenticity, then the power of Love flows through you and creates light. ~ Julie Parker Are you willing to open and allow love? ~ love is a…

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A Tender Heart

A Tender Heart ~ a tender heart throbbing joys and pains magnified the feelings overwhelm I am alive and grateful ~ breathing deeply I feel the peace remembering this shall pass moving on with life ~ Apparently, I put out a very strong intention! The days following my declarations to be more spacious and focus…

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Vote for Love

Vote for Love ~ what are you voting for fear and division or love and inclusion releasing the need to judge beyond ideas of right and wrong I’ll meet you there where we become one in mind and heart a beautiful tapestry of human diversity singing the songs of family ~ May you vote for…