Be Mine


our bond etched across the sky

painted in soft light and puffy clouds

the wind gently whispers your name

sensually brushing across my skin

shivers rush down my spine

awakening the sleeping bear

a deep hunger surges within

stirring primal urges to connect

will you be mine?



This is my fanciful ode to love and romance for Valentine’s. I’m a little rusty on romantic poetry, but I hope this awakens something in you. Maybe some good feelings, a smile, or a desire to connect. Flowers and nature bring out feelings of love for me. May we share our love and light throughout the year, not just for Valentine’s Day. And just maybe, my sweetheart will hear this call across the ethers to join me in the dance of love and life. πŸ’•

Happy Valentine’s Day! πŸ’˜


78 thoughts on “Be Mine

  1. Well Brad, beautiful words that I know will be felt across the lands and seas! Be ready with open arms to receive love to flourish within you, for you to feel your completeness and bring this truth into your life to truly experience! You know love works in many mysterious ways❀️ much love Brad πŸ₯°

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  2. Hello
    My favorite part about the romantic poem – was how the first section connected to that
    sky photo and then the rich and evocative second half seemed to be completed by the large, vibrant colors in the flower. It was really a well-combined post

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