A Spring Stroll

A Spring Stroll


Spring brings a succession of joyful growth bursting with color and aroma.parade of blossoms

The menagerie of delightful colors brings a smile to my face and heart.

spring fever, poetry

Cherry trees are early spring stars with a profusion of white blossoms and delicate scents.tulips, spring

Next tulips lead the parade with a variety of colors while redbuds burst into pink blossoms.

redbud, spring

Currently, the irises are in peak display with a beautiful blend of grace, aroma, and eroticism.irises, spring


What treasures touch your heart in spring?

May spring fever counter the corona blues.


91 thoughts on “A Spring Stroll

  1. So lovely. It will be a couple of weeks or so before it looks like that up here. Trilliums carpeting the forest floor is my favorite spring sight. 😊

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  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous dear Brad! Wonderful pictures and words that lift the spirit. Thank you for this joyful and life-affirming offering! Muchas gracias:) I feel touched by birds song, flowers, beautiful sunsets, and always my little puppy:) Sending a big warm hug! Thanks for offering your light to the world:)

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  3. Your spring ecstasy is well photographed. I think the harder our winters are the more we revel in the glory of spring. Me? I love sitting now on my porch and watching the Robin pull up the worm as the goldfinch sing right next to the pink azalea bush and the bouncing white jonquils.

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  4. Oh, these are gorgeous pics! Thanks, Brad, for including us on your walk. I am loving the sound of birds when I take the dog for an early-morning walk. And the gorgeous tulip color combos around the neighborhood.

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  5. Beautiful sights! Thank you!
    I saw some tulips, and a drone captured the cherry blossom fiesta in High Park (Closed due to the beast) for our local news.
    Spring treasure for me is all of the artists coming out of hibernation, and painting my world.
    Off to a slow start this year, but I am finding some swell art!

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  6. Beautifully penned and presented, I love the pictures! Spring is my favourite season… A treasure that touches my heart in spring?..umm, probably the creatures. I’m an animal lover. The birds that come with spring intrigue me….

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  7. Looks like beautiful walking weather, Brad. The word Spring alone touches my heart, and lately I have enjoyed the hummingbirds. They always join me in my garden and I swear they are talking to me. Lots blooming here, and lots of opportunity to hike before it gets too hot. Donna

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  8. I am from India and i am 14
    you are a awesome writer sir. I love to read you posts at night in the peace fullness you are awesome
    hope you like my blog also.check out mine if you like

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