Springtime Delights

The cherry blossoms were delightfully fragrant this year.


the floral parade

rainbow colors blossoming

a sensual feast


Tantalizing tulips with a kaleidoscope of colors.


Our downtown square has long been one of my favorite places to stroll in town. Our city gardeners work hard to keep the gardens looking wonderful all season long. They continually cull, plant, and replace plants to keep the gardens fresh and interesting. This last week was the peak for cherry blossoms which are already mostly gone due to the rain and wind. Additionally, there were lots of tulips and a few other early bloomers.

A tulip treasure trove!

May you find what feeds your body and spirit.

Happy Spring!


53 thoughts on “Springtime Delights

  1. I want to live in your town, Brad. Lovely images as always. I love the cherry blossoms against the blue sky, as well as the bed of tulips (wow!) and the sensual interior of one particular tulip. The plant world is truly amazing! Thank you for this lovely blast of spring energy.

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