Lakeside Moments

My first time hiking Lake Sequoyah.


traipsing through the fields

geese celebrating their mates

wildflowers in bloom

resplendent springtime display

beautiful moments today


The fields were lush green while the trees are just starting to bud.

I explored a lake near me for the first time. At first, I was disappointed by all the trash around the marina and fishing areas. Then, as I walked the hiking trail around the lake, the waters cleared along with my mind. Thankfully, those areas were much more pristine.

Lowland marshes.

In fact, I haven’t seen so many open meadows in a long time. I don’t know if they are city land or a partnership with farmers, but the trail went through many terrains and cattle guards. I passed creeks, meadows, marsh, and bluffs overlooking the lake. It was a real treat, especially being new and filled with signs of spring. The meadows were lush green filled with dandelions, clover, and more, while the trails were sprinkled with early blooming flowers and trees. Cherry, pear, and redbud trees were already blooming with some delicious aromas!

Early wildflowers.

Happy Spring!


59 thoughts on “Lakeside Moments

  1. Wow, Brad. what a great walk you had! And it sounds like a metaphor for your life. I sense that you have passed through a lot of the trash and are venturing into a whole new phase of your life. Continue to enjoy!

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  2. What a great find. I can imagine you enjoying that trail frequently through the changing seasons. A whole new route to explore the outdoors. A beautiful poem that rings with contentment, my friend. We just got over a foot of snow! We don’t even get that in the winter! Lol. I’m a little envious of your green fields and flowers. Enjoy.

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  3. Oh Wow… Beautiful countryside Brad… Looks a wonderful tranquil place… And I am pleased you left the Trash of those who care not about littering nature and didn’t allow it to litter your mind.. ā¤
    Have a wonderful Spring and Easter to come Brad.. šŸ™‚ āœØ

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  4. Wow Brad…..What a wonderful area to walk through….Spring is such an uplifting time. HOPEFUL….! Glad you enjoyed the walk. Loved those wildflowers. I’ve never seen those…I wonder what they are. Thanks for sharing…..VK

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  5. Beautiful hike with a beautiful view. Pity about some of the trash around the marina and hope it gets cleaned up. The trail with the trees looks so quiet and serene. Happy Spring to you. It’s Autumn here in Australia. But I love warmer weather so I’ll enjoy it through your blog and photos šŸ™‚

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  6. Yes nature does that to us. The meadow was so inviting. We don’t see that too often either. You have settled nicely into Spring Brad.

    On another note. I am glad the trails were more pristine than the marina. I went through that when I first arrived in my neighborhood. There was a canal trail that was littered with unnecessary trash. I took the initiative to get a trash picker, and once in a while, collected it. The most wonderful part was others started saying :ah I need to get one of those too, and the idea grew. Now I think people are just more diligent. I havn’t picked in a long time.

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