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A Spring Stroll

A Spring Stroll ~ Spring brings a succession of joyful growth bursting with color and aroma. The menagerie of delightful colors brings a smile to my face and heart. Cherry trees are early spring stars with a profusion of white blossoms and delicate scents. Next tulips lead the parade with a variety of colors while…

Awesome Stories 392

This week Awesome Stories brings you the power and passion of flowers. Flower Power Flowers bring me endless joy. Just like a bee, I am drawn to the beauty and smells of flowers. Bees and flowering plants have a mutual relationship where both species benefit. Most of us know that flowers depend on bees for…

Tulip Parade

Tulip Parade ~ bright petals glowing a carousel of colors tulips on parade ~ The tulips are in full bloom around town. They’re a favorite for home and public gardens due to their brilliant colors and early blooms. Our downtown streets and square are filled with a parade of bright tulip blossoms announcing the arrival…

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A Parade of Colors

A Parade of Colors ~ dancing along the square flowers to delight the senses and mend broken fences spring is such a grand affair love filled with magic and flair we hold the joy in our hearts to brighten those darker parts thankful for a parade of colors ~