Pod Life


Our leader vocalizes with a series of clicks, squeeks, and whistles, signaling it is time to find our meal. The pod moves in synch as we speed off, echolocate, and swarm our target. We herd the fish; circling, splashing, and condensing the mass. Then we dive in to feast. After eating, we float and sleep with one eye closed to rest half our brain while the other side keeps us safe. The pod is our protection, swimming, resting, feeding, and even socializing as a group. Our sonar allows us to “see” and navigate underwater even in murky water. Today we swam 100 miles. Sometimes we surf, dive, and breach just for fun. Life is good in our community.


masters of movement

playful sentient mammals

delightful dolphins


This is my contribution to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge. I chose a haibunΒ which is a combination of a prose paragraph and a haiku.



43 thoughts on “Pod Life

  1. I love dolphins. They are masterful beings I feel we have much yet to learn from. I love your sharing life through their eyes, as it’s a reminder that we can always flip perspective to imagine walking, flying, or swimming in another’s shoes, so that we fill our hearts with greater compassion.

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  2. You captured perfectly the Movement and Life of these beautiful Mammals, they also help with keeping the frequency of high vibration of our Earth along with the Whales.. Precious indeed…
    Loved your Tanka and post Brad.. ❀

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  3. Great job writing from the dolphin point of view! In my first year of college, I was strongly considering majoring in marine biology and read a lot about dolphins. Yet, I did not know (or forgot) that they sleep with one eye closed to rest half the brain. That’s fascinating!

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