Sacred Spirals

Sacred Spirals

flowers, sacred, spirals, poetry,~

orange petals glow

with sacred spirals of love

rhythms of the heart


calla lily, beauty, poetryThis is another tribute to Summer Love that is fading fast. These calla lilies grow in containers in myΒ landlord’s back yard. Their blossoms last only a few days in mid summer.

Farewell, my sweet beauty. May you return again.


41 thoughts on “Sacred Spirals

  1. Wonderful thought and feeling with this poem Brad, come May she will return with those “… sacred spirals of love, rhythms of the heart” renewed. The ending of summer is always a bit sad, especially this year as it seems another month is needed. Wishing you a great autumn ahead!

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  2. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I’m reminded of the divine ratio in your image here. And the rhythms of life. Your haiku is spot on. Now that fall’s here, it’s bittersweet: I love the heat and colors of summer, the delicate flowers of spring and now, the flaming colors of fall. But the colder weather in preparation for the winter months? Sigh…lol. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying that muse vacation. πŸ™‚

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