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With summer winding down and the diminishing flowers around town, I’m feeling a sadness. Yes, I love autumn, but the explosion of flowers in spring and summer makes my heart sing. As a photographer and writer who relies on nature and flowers for much of my inspiration, I’ll have to dig deeper into my muse tools and supply of photos to find inspiration. ThankfullyΒ I’ve learned to find beauty and inspiration in each season. And like many, I love the bold displays of color as the foliage changes in autumn. So I offer this flower photo and poem as my grateful send-off to summer.


summer flowers shine

pastel colors fading fast

end of summer love


This video and song from the movie Grease speakΒ to my fading summer dreams. Metaphorically, I feel the fading of my youth and those bright shiny days.

See you next summer!


45 thoughts on “Summer Love

  1. I really got how you are feeling….there is a strange bitter/sweet feel to autumn. As if everything is going to sleep. Your photograph is amazing as are the accompanying words. – they fit perfectly with the mood….and yes the track from Greece is a reminder to us all that time indeed always marches on. However, as you say the strong, vibrant colours of autumn are yet to come…..Enjoy the day…Janet πŸ™‚ x

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  2. Ah! Brad! Break my heart πŸ’œ I must confess that I always fund this time of year to fill me with a very strong sadness πŸ˜• The air changes and the flowers and leaves…leave!! And we won’t even go into the talk about cold!!!
    I’m a summer girl, through and through. The hotter and more humid…the better. I was supposed to leave yesterday to go back to the “heat” but Irma put a wrench in those plans. I’m so worried yet trying to stay positive.
    Blessings to you my friend…cant wait to see what your muse creates with Autum!! πŸ’œ

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  3. I’ve mentioned on another writer’s post once, that I tend to slack off on writing during the summer- my writing habits and style become hazy and nostalgic under the heat of the sun. Everything slows down for me in the summer, not just my schedule but my overall thought process.

    Even so, I totally get where you’re coming from. Despite this attitude towards summertime, I’ve also noticed many of my favorite pieces were written during the summer, while being outside in nature and relaxing, taking in the scenery around me. For my writing, it all comes down to stepping out into the world and what better time to do this than summer, right?

    In fact, the summer air that slows down my writing and thought process isn’t a bad thing at all- it allows me to be present with myself and process things more deeply, and also take my time to understand those things in a more reflective manner.

    Reading your piece, I now begin to realize how much I’ll miss summer too. Hopefully the colder seasons will bring amongst new feelings not just for our readers, but for us as well while searching for inspiration.

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    • That’s a very interesting rhythm you have Angie. I find it hard to be active physically in the intense heat, so I’m indoors writing a lot. Winter is when I get most reflective. It’s good to know our personal rhythms and preferences. blessings, Brad

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  4. Beautiful photo and reflections about the end of summer, Brad. 🌸 The changing of the seasons is definitely bittersweet. Although there are sooo many things that I love about summertime, it’s not my favorite season. As you know – it’s the one coming up! 🍁
    I am not going to watch the video you posted though because I don’t want that song stuck in my head – it’s already trying to force its way in at the mere mention of it. πŸ™ƒ I love Grease as much as the next person (as a matter of fact I have plans to get my mom tickets to see Grease at a dinner theater for her birthday this November), but I’ll wait until then to get those show tunes stuck in my head. πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy what’s left of summer, my friend, and your day! 😊

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  5. Brad, this post is a late summer delight — complete with video! You do a fine job, so I’m sure you’ll continue that when autumn’s changes come around. A couple of years ago I did a mini-series on writing with the 5 senses. So if in the fall you don’t see your usual sources of inspiration, pick a sense, and let it be a challenge — for writing or photos. I’m looking forward to seeing your autumn work.
    Hugs on the wing.

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    • Thanks for sharing the summer love Teagan. ❀ I appreciate you and your writing suggestions. As I already mentioned, your creativity has inspired me. I'll keep this idea on the back burner. For now, I'm focusing on the misadventures of Muse Brad, and possible his faerie cousin, with name yet to be decided. Dance on! πŸ™‚

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