Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Groundsacred life, beauty


autumn blessings call

treasure the ordinary 

the hallowed moments


The beauty of autumn reminds me to appreciate life. The rich colors and aromas help me to pause, and breath in the richness of the moment. Once present to myself and life, I remember that we are always walking on hallowed grounds.

May your days and nights be hallowed!


27 thoughts on “Hallowed Ground

  1. Lovely Brad. I always feel like I’m walking on hallowed ground when I’m out in nature, but in autumn with all the scents and crunching leaves beneath my feet it’s even more so. 🍁😊🍂

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  2. Beautiful reminder! Sometimes we really do have to stop and smell the flowers, don’t we? For me, it is the ocean. I stand on the shore and just take it in. We are so minuscule in comparison and what a blessing it is to be a participant in this big ol’ universe. Have a great weekend, Brad! 🙂

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