Mysterious Spells

Mysterious Spells

bats in the belfryhalloween, humor, poetry

jitters in my tummy

goblins, spooks and ghosts

haunting with their hosts


what’s a witch to do

boiling her tasty brew

this dark hallows eve

mysterious spells to weave


hoist my new broom

flying over the room

lost souls to find

mired in fearful mind


corral the black cats

unleash the hungry bats

boils, potions and knells

boldly casting my spells


Halloween has a long and storied history of mixing the hallowed with the haunted. This Halloween, let’s cast a hallowed spell with love and laughter in our hearts.Β 

Here’s a tasty mix of past Halloween spells. Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat?

Hallowed or Harrowing Halloween

Does Life Have You Spooked?


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