Awesome Stories 383

This week Awesome Stories brings you a love story.

Surfing to Health and Happiness

I discovered this story on WaldenWord, a heartwarming online magazine that promotes the beauty, passion, and responsibility of a surfing life. The editor clearly loves surfing and reminding us of the ocean’s ability to heal, restore, and sustain life. But also the need to care for the ocean in these turbulent times. This week, WaldenWord wrote a touching story about Marisa Personius.Β surfing, healing, Awesome Stories

Marisa Personius healed and found her groove in life through surfing. I’ve often watched and marveled at the grace of surfing, but sadly never tried to surf despite going to the beach almost every summer of my youth and teen years. While Marisa was in the hospital, fighting cancer she saw a surf video and found her reason to live. Lying in bed, trying to cope with chemotherapy, she now had a reason to fight, heal, and move on. After she finished treatment, one of the first things Marisa did was go on a surfing trip with We Are Ocean, a non-profit that takes cancer patients surfing.

The challenges of learning to surf gave Marisa a way to heal mind, body, and spirit. Surfing also gave her a way to track her health and progress. Now, nearly 5 years later, Marisa continues to surf, but also give back to others. Working for a non-profit called The Upper Room, Marisa now helps others by organizing events designed to uplift, encourage, and heal. Marisa also mentors girls in her church and finds that service renews her spirit and reminds her of the blessings in her life.

Marisa’s joy shines brightly in the photos in the WaldenWord article. Surfing has also taught Marisa grace and humility. I hope she continues to thrive and bless others with her loving service.

May you find your groove that brings out your light. Shine on!Β 


26 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 383

  1. I’ve always felt water has some special healing, renewing qualities. In the beginning “the spirit of God moved upon the waters”, it’s almost as if water somehow retains something of that moment of creation. I’m a volunteer to take both the mentally and physically disabled sailing over the summer months and the effect (like surfing) is wonderful to see.

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  2. Love it! And it’s a sweet reminder that we all have the things that “light us up.” And it’s our job to keep searching until we find it. For me, it was meditation…
    I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, friend! Sending hugs.

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  3. What a truly inspirational story Brad… Showing how if one can focus we can restore our health and vitality in mind body and spirit.. Loved reading,
    While I have swam in the sea.. Surfing, takes it to a whole new level.. I love to watch them, but perhaps in another life πŸ™‚ I will pluck up that courage.. LOL..

    Wishing you a great week ahead Brad.. πŸ™‚

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