Amaryllis Amore

~ my secret lover silken petals unfolding mild sweet aroma ~ velvet treasures loom soft blossoms invite contact sprouting in my heart ~ I was given an amaryllis bulb this winter that I planted indoors to see what would happen. Thankfully, it has blossomed with soft white blossoms. This variety has a very subtle scent…


Macro Majesty

~ forest foraging reveals a beautiful nut tasty new harvest ~ ~ softly glowing light a leaf becomes a beacon broadcasting beauty ~ ~ I’m still waiting to see if we’ll have a grand display this year. Meanwhile, I found some simple treasures to warm my heart. Happy Autumn!

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Heart Strings

Heart Strings ~ lush rose petals glow garden bounty in full bloom tugging on my heart ~ This is a photo from the gardens I planted at the last home I owned. Since I sold that house, I haven’t had gardens of my own to grow and nurture. Sometimes I’ve helped tend my landlord’s gardens,…

Awesome Stories 392

This week Awesome Stories brings you the power and passion of flowers. Flower Power Flowers bring me endless joy. Just like a bee, I am drawn to the beauty and smells of flowers. Bees and flowering plants have a mutual relationship where both species benefit. Most of us know that flowers depend on bees for…

Lover’s Lips

Lover’s Lips ~ her lips open wide soft tendrils teasing alluring charms on display inviting his fervent love sowing seeds of passionĀ  primal urges satiated for new life to emerge the dance of creation ~

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Mary Returns Home

Mary Returns Home I told myself that I wouldn’t write a tribute to Mary Oliver. The internet is filled with tributes, eulogies, mourning, and celebration of her poetry. But Deborah Brasket’s soulful reflections on Mary and her poetry, along with Mary’s own words demanded to be acknowledged. So I humbly bow to the powers of…

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Soulful Sunday 105 – Ode to a Rose

Ode to a Rose ~ love at first sight a garden delight colors to warm the heart thorns to give a start ~ inhale their smell and risk a magic spell aromas to feed the soul when life takes its toll ~ simple garden graces from ordinary places the beauty of god in plant and…

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Awesome Stories 383

This week Awesome Stories brings you a love story. Surfing to Health and Happiness I discovered this story on WaldenWord, a heartwarming online magazine that promotes the beauty, passion, and responsibility of a surfing life. The editor clearly loves surfing and reminding us of the ocean’s ability to heal, restore, and sustain life. But also…

Brad's Tips, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 379

This week Awesome Stories brings you some homegrown wisdom. I actually created these tips over 25 years ago. Although I know many of these ideas, I don’t live them as well as I would like to. Which reminds me that although many of us have lots of good ideas and information, our real transformation only…