Living Fully for Father’s Day

Let’s explore living fully in this week’s Awesome Stories. I dedicate these stories to mine and all Fathers. Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day- Living Fully

Having lost my father at age 35, I understand the preciousness of life. Even though we weren’t as close as I would have liked, I miss him and the opportunity to create a better relationship. These stories are my way to say thanks to my father and remembering to live fully today. I miss you, love you and appreciate you. Thanks Dad!

Life lessons from Ric Elias

Ric Elias survived the crash of flight 1549 plane crash in the Hudson River. The experience changed him and helped him understand his priorities. Watch his inspiring TedTalk. His lessons are: live fully today, be happy, not right, and be the best dad he can. Don’t wait. Live Fully Now!

Here is some awesome music from the Johnson brothers.

Britain’s Got Talent has exported a real gem in this singing performance by Richard and Adam Johnson. Some quests may be impossible, and some may be awesome! They lit up the audience, judges and me with their powerful rendition of The Impossible Dream.” Enjoy.

This is an awesome and touching story about fathers and their children.

This is a great read for anyone who wants to be reminded about the preciousness of life, children and open hearts. Thanks Christi Daniels for this great share. You can learn more about living fully from Christi’s course on Self-Full Living. This is our gift to you, On Behalf of Fathers.

What if we lived like surfers riding a wave?

Awesome Stories 1.25

image source: Daily Good 6/13/2013

This was a great question and post about how we might learn to take more risks and live more fully from surfers. Every ride for a surfer ends with a fall or what many would call a fail. The differences in riding styles were more about how they approached the risk and falls. The best surfers had fun, expecting to fall, but open and learning all the way. Others have called this approach failing forward. Read this fun post for the antidote to procrastination.

I know that when I have lived with an open mind and heart, I have felt more alive, joyful and having a sense of flow in my life. These stories are a great reminder for living fully. Maybe it’s time for me to open the parachute!* I encourage you to live fully, reach out to those you love and appreciate all the blessings currently in your life.

*Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open.- Sir James Dewar

Happy Father’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Living Fully for Father’s Day

  1. Aww, Brad, such a wonderful compilation here. Not sure which pulled on my heartstrings harder…the incredible song, the inspiring surfing story, or the awesome letter. Thank you for the lovely invitation and reminder to live with an open heart and mind, never forgetting our blessings. Sending you hugs on this Father’s Day — and always!


    • Thanks Shauna, Luckily you don’t have to pick, you can enjoy them all! I hope that I have given others a gentle, warm, invitation to live fully. I’m grateful for family, friends and readers.
      Blessings to you and yours this Father’s Day!


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