Pod Life

~ Our leader vocalizes with a series of clicks, squeeks, and whistles, signaling it is time to find our meal. The pod moves in synch as we speed off, echolocate, and swarm our target. We herd the fish; circling, splashing, and condensing the mass. Then we dive in to feast. After eating, we float and…

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Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground ~ autumn blessings call treasure the ordinary  the hallowed moments ~ The beauty of autumn reminds me to appreciate life. The rich colors and aromas help me to pause, and breath in the richness of the moment. Once present to myself and life, I remember that we are always walking on hallowed grounds.…

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Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground My sculptures are little poems about the nature of god and peace that comes from knowing that we are connected to greater truths. ~ Hank Kaminsky ~ feel the sacredness let your feet honor the earth with each loving step ~ This quote and casting are great reminders for me that we are always standing…

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Sacred Spirals

Sacred Spirals ~ orange petals glow with sacred spirals of love rhythms of the heart ~ This is another tribute to Summer Love that is fading fast. These calla lilies grow in containers in my landlord’s back yard. Their blossoms last only a few days in mid summer. Farewell, my sweet beauty. May you return again.