Awesome Stories 337

This week Awesome Stories brings you connections, meaning from death, love, and moving beyond poverty.

You Matter

We have the power to make a difference, by interacting with people in a deeply personal way. ~ Cheryl Rice

You Matter, empowerment, Awesome StoriesLast year I featured the You Matter Marathon. This year, I’m happy to report that Cheryl Rice and the YMM are going strong with their efforts to empower people to make connections with the words “You Matter.” When I first heard the words out loud and received the cards, I was touched deeply. Their mission is to create more connections between people and communities. You can read more about Cheryl and her mission to change lives in this article called Two Words That Can Change Lives.

Facing Death

Paul and Lucy Kalanithi are inspiring models in how to face death with courage and authenticity. When Paul was diagnosed with lung cancer, they decided to be as honest as possible and focus on Paul’s quality of life. Paul even wrote a memoir about facing death during his decline. They learned to find beauty and meaning while facing death. Their courage is an inspiration in how to embrace the full range of life. Watch Lucy’s touching TED Talk to learn more about their inspiring story and the choices that can lead to more acceptance and meaning.


Here is a Daily Good article spotlighting love. It explores various stories and ways that we can love. My favorite story is about Hannah Brencher who started writing love letters to leave around New York City. The letters helped her deal with sadness and loneliness. I’ve had a similar experience while writing for my blog. Writing about stories that inspire others has helped me to find more meaning and connection. Thank you to all the readers of this blog. I appreciate you!

Beyond Povertyovercoming poverty, Awesome Stories

Sherry Riva formed Compass Working Capital to help low-income families learn the skills needed to rise up from poverty and build wealth. Most assistance programs only focus on the income, but not building wealth. Compass provides financial coaching programs that empower families with low incomes to build assets, learn new skills, achieve goals, and become financially secure. With early success in Boston, they are exploring options to spread their successful model around the country to help many more families rise up.

May your week be full of opportunities to love, build skills, and find meaning amongst life’s challenges. Rise Up!


19 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 337

  1. Love the “You Matter” marathon! Oh, I so yearn to do something like this, too. I couldn’t swing it while I was doing the LIFE Project (I have a very tall intentions list, lol), but I do intend to do a walking marathon, soon. To march for all good things. Love that! What a touching TED talk. And the other two stories you mentioned touched my heart. Love letters? Oh my goodness! I MUST incorporate something like that into my February LIFE Project. 🙂
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Sending hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a touching video Brad.. What strength was shown by both.. Wiping tears, and what beautiful lessons learned.. And learning to talk and speak, To make it known our choices..
    Thank you for sharing this Brad.. such love shown here..
    Love and Blessings Brad
    . Even in sadness there is Joy..
    Sue 🙂

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