Downtown Delights

Downtown Delightsspring, delight, poetry


springtime festivals

nature delights our senses

bursting with color


I took advantage of my day off to wander around downtown enjoying the signs of spring. The art features were a lovely complement to the colorful blossoms like in the photos below. Jason’s mural is full of color and joy with the flowers on the mural almost looking like part of the trees. And I was thrilled with the explosion of blossoms above the art deco tile walls. This outing was a delight for my senses with bountiful flowers, singing birds, and joyful people exploring the gardens. We were lined up in a queue (almost like an amusement park or museum!) to look at and photograph the bed full of red tulips beneath this lovely pear tree.Β Thank you Jason and all the local artists, gardeners, and appreciators of nature.

Happy Spring!

Colorful mural highlighted by blooming trees.

Colors exploding above and below!

spring, beauty, tulips

The queue for photographs!


36 thoughts on “Downtown Delights

  1. This is the perfect presentation to show spring is here Brad ~ great shot. Your words also fit the season so perfectly ~ “nature delights our senses” as if it rewards us for coming out of winter πŸ™‚ Wishing you a great one.

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