Thirsty for Truth

I love Cristen’s unique voice. This post is filled with wisdom delivered in a fun and nourishing analogy. Read it for some refreshment today!

43842406_m Image: Elf Woman in a Magical Forest by NejroN
In many ways, spiritual truths are a lot like spring rains. When the rain falls upon the upturned face of a flower she has no choice but to acknowledge its presence – but only when that rain gets at her roots, only after it seeps down past the grass and the rocks, making its way through the mud and clay, does it help the flower grow.

Like that flower, our roots are covered too; they are buried beneath all the things that we cling to as a part of our identity. Every definition that we give to ourselves, each judgement that we make about the world, and all of our beliefs and assumptions that we rigidly hold are piled atop our souls - and before any truth can seep down in there where it can nurture future growth, we have to…

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